Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Remember when...

Remember when you were a teenager and had $5400 or any other amount of money. I know the first thing I wanted to do was to contribute to a leadership candidate, how about you?

Update: it would seem the children were not teenagers but only 11 years old when they decided that out of the 11 Liberal leadership candidates JV was the man they would be supporting. I hope that now clears everything up.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Liberal kids show

"Good morning boys, girls and those genderly challenged.''

"We have a busy day on Liberal Street today; Dr. Bennett will be coming for a little visit to discuss why most of you will be going to prison because your mommies keep you at home, and later she will be talking with Farmer Ron about his rash. Sounds like Farmer Ron didn't take his medicine doesn't it kids.''

"Oh look, here comes Postal Person Pat with an envelope. You know what that means... thats right, it's the the word of the day. Thank you Pat, have a liberal day.''

"Gather around children and lets see what todays word is". (opens up envelope) "Oh my, todays word is a big one, but one very important to the message so lets try to use it often.''

"Todays word is PETULANT. Can anyone use this in a sentence? Ok little Scotty, you can go ahead.''

"The Prime Minister is being petulant" (approx 04:00 mark)

''Thank you, Scotty that is a very good sentence and one we should use as often as we can and we should encourage others to use it as well, and Scotty thank your Mom for bringing in the popcorn for all of us today as well as a few adult beverages for the crew.''

(Loud roar from the Union Crew)

''Now children it is important to stay on message, and keep reminding everyone of how the PM is petulant. Don't worry if you do not know what it means just keep using it and eventually everyone will start to agree with us and then we can return a Liberal government to its rightful place and we here on Liberal Street can get more funding to help shape the future minds of our youth, promote Canadian values, and I can finally get that condo on Spadina."

"Before we go to a commercial break, I should tell you about the winner of last months creative writing contest. Little Timmy Naumetz won with his entry about the PM and his RCMP motorcade. Timmy managed to mention Bush and Harper together in a story that really had nothing to do anything other than a vehicle purchase. Now thats creative writing at its best, and he deserves to win this months "brown paper bag of entitlements", which was just picked up by Postal Person Pat and is now on its way to his house. Thats a tip to all of you out there; if you can use the word petulant and somehow tie in George W. Bush as well, it would make your entry even more likely to be next months winner. Good luck, and we will be right back with an Uncle Iggy cartoon after this...."

Cut to commercial.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Irony at the ACLU

It would seem the ACLU wants to limit the free speech of its board members.

File this under the "You know when you jumped the shark when..."

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Media admits to biased reporters

Well almost.

In a story about the press gallery walking out of the PM's press conference on Darfur, the Toronto Star runs this quote "We can't accept that the Prime Minister's Office would decide who gets to ask questions," said Yves Malo, a TVA reporter and president of the press gallery. "Does that mean that when there's a crisis they'll only call upon journalists they expect softball questions from?"

Yves, are you telling Canadians that some of your upstanding press colleagues may be biased by not asking the tough questions? That they may have an agenda of their own while they are working as professional members of the fourth estate?

Say it ain't so Yves, say it ain't so.

For the (American style) President of the PPG to think so little of those he represents does not speak well of Mr. Malo and I wonder if he is willing to answer a tough question himself and name names of who he thinks will ask the quoted 'softball questions'.

Update: I have yet to get a reply to my email I sent Mr. Malo asking the above question.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cry me a river

The parliamentary press gallery walked out of a news conference today on Darfur.

Good for them, and I think all Canadians will support the press on this so very important issue. I mean who gives a damn about Darfur or what our government does, it is more important that the press is happy and under no rules than it is for them to get news out to Canadians.

In case anyone is wondering the previous statement does not reflect reality in anyway what so ever, but was expressed more as a wish of the press in their dream world. Canadians do not give a rats A@@ about the press other than for them to do their damn jobs and quit the freaking whining. Suck it up and do your job.

Layton full of it

It would seem that Jack Layton has scooped the MSM, and they cannot be happy about it as they are not reporting his findings. He states in a CTV Question Period interview that India and China are going to come on board with targets set after 2012 for Kyoto. I have an idea why they are not reporting this and it is because it is BS!

He also states that "Rona Ambrose is not telling the truth" that the majority of those countries that took on targets for Kyoto will not meet them. My question to anyone who happens to read this is, can anyone support Laytons above statements with facts? From what I have read I think it is clear who is not telling the truth.

Layton doing what he does best

Have a watch and see BS in action.

THe Black SUV and the Moron

It would seem that this story is somehow news, or maybe it is just another moron trying to link the PM to Bush at each and every turn. I hope they are happy with this tactic but the Harper is scary angle is wearing very thin with Canadians who are seeing something much different from our PM.

Take a look at this little sentence at the end of the article.

"Officials at the Defence Department and Emergency Preparedness Canada could not say whether security levels have changed because of Canada's decision to engage an army battle group against the Taliban in Afghanistan."

What the hell is this trying to say? Of course they 'could not say', as there is no real question here if this deals with the PM's security; which everyone (including Tim Naumetz) could find out in seconds is the RCMP's job. Security levels for who, what, where? and I will also put 'when' in here as we have been engaging the Taliban for a long time so the time frame is also very vague. The RCMP buy a new truck and Tim Naumetz jumps off the deep end finding comparisons to GW Bush.

How does this pass for journalism outside of a school newspaper?

My apologies to student newspapers everywhere who have higher standards.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Toronto police raids

From the CBC

"About 600 police officers from several forces carried out dozens of raids with "military precision" in northwest Toronto early Thursday in the largest operation of its kind in the city, the police chief says. The pre-dawn raids on up to 60 places resulted in 78 people being charged with offences ranging from attempted murder to drug and firearms trafficking to membership in a criminal gang. "

Good job, I just hope the courts do the right thing as well and hand out more than a slap on the wrist.

The police seized 20 guns during the raids including a couple of full auto weapons (mac 10's).

A couple of questions have to be asked; how many of these guns were registered and would a handgun ban as proposed by former PMPM have worked?

Questions I don't think you will see being asked by the CBC or the Star.

Go Oilers!!

The NDP, standing up for nothing.

Screw the NDP. I have lost what little respect I had for that party after watching the Afghanistan debate and the spin leading up to it earlier today.

There is so much wrong with these guys that I do not know where to start.

Jack Layton wants a vote and when he gets what he asked for he still is not happy.

There was no free vote for NDP as 'Mr. Rights' again didn't allow his own members to vote their own conscience or represent their constituants. The irony of this leftist party denying its own members free thought and action (you know the stuff they preach everyday) should shout out to everyone that the NDP stand for NOTHING. Its so basic that even the average Che t-shirt wearing college student should see it, but alas leftist sheep have no free thought and just go along.

The would have us walk out on our commitments and long standing treaties in this NATO and UN sanctioned mission, yet they scream that Canada will lose face if we step away from the impossible to achieve Kyoto agreement.

Protecting the rights and creating a future for ALL of the Afghan people is not important for the party of womens and everyone elses rights, but somehow Darfur is worthy of sending in our troops. I really want someone to explain this one to me, as I can not see the logic in this line of reasoning.

I am begining to think the only way the NDP would appreciate and respect the military is if they unionize it, pin a few stars on Buzz, and make him Chief of Defense Staff.


I have one special comment for Paul Dewer, but I don't think using the F word would be appropriate for this blog. Here are some of his comments (with added emphasis from myself, and my comments below) from the debate tonight via Hansard.

"It cannot be emphasized enough that the NDP fully supports the brave men and women of the Canadian Forces and the important work they are doing around the world. Let us not sink into a debate, a jingoistic ballyhoo, when it comes to the issues of war"

(lets see how long this tone lasts)

" It should be noted that the American Operation Enduring Freedom tactics have been to conduct aggressive search and destroy missions, aerial bombings and all-out offensives against alleged terrorist insurgents for the last four years with absolutely dismal results."

(non jingoist words to inspire our troops no doubt)

"It has to be said that the reason for the delay of the Dutch and the British to join in the south stems from their concerns about the mission. Why? Because of the lack of clarity in the south, which has brought not more security but less"

(Our troops have made things worse? Maybe for the Taliban, but who else?)

"The government has stated many intentions, such as bringing democracy, fighting a war on terror, making Canada safer or allowing girls to attend school. These are laudable goals and they could and at some point should be arrived at, but for now it is not a military objective"

(Do you know what the hell you are talking about? How can any of these goals be arrived at without the military, including the 'war' on terror you just cited?)

"...and as I said before, to not be involved in what has been a failure in the south of Afghanistan."

("Failure" and "Dismal" is how this clown describes what our troops are doing on our behalf and those of the Afghan people. With respect like that who needs enemies?)

Mr Happy

Preston Manning is not going to persue the leadership of the Alberta PC party, and although I would have prefered him to go for it, I wish him well and respect his decision. On this news I think Jim Dinning might have been the happiest guy in Alberta today, or perhaps not as there are also more than a few very happy Oiler fans tonight, but you understand my point.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Double standard ?

If anyone has been paying attention to the MSM this last week they would have seen numerous mentions and criticisms of MP Maurice Vellacott's comment about Justice Beverley McLachlin. The story appeared everywhere as it lead the 3 national tv late news broadcasts and was featured prominently in most newspapers across the country, in other words it could not be missed. I will not fault the media for reporting the story as it is fair game, but please report what the judge did say and let Canadians make up their own mind on the subject.

Now consider this story. An NDP MP says that that he fears police retribution and his leader Jack Layton says Les ( B.C.'s Solicitor General John Les) should spend more time pressing an investigation into the incident than looking for an apology from Cullen. A Canadian MP comes out and says that he fears that the police (RCMP) will illegally retaliate against him and I find the small story on page 25 of the Edmonton Sun today as I eat my breakfast, and so far I have seen nothing on this story on either of the big national tv news networks.

Double standard or not?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

They are still at it.

LPC news release

I like this line " In fact, much of the Conservative government’s policy is guided by the right-wing “Calgary School” of thought, which is highly critical of Canada’s judiciary and Charter jurisprudence. "

Booga booga Stephen Harper and all conservatives are out to get you. Vote Liberal.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Judges know best?

I posted about this issue awhile back and now it would seem my fears have become reality. Absolutely unbelievable, but when something goes before a judge you never know what will happen.

Speaking of out of touch judges, this is just plain nuts. He was let off with no jail time after he plead guilty to invitation to sexual touching, four counts of drug trafficking, obstructing justice and two counts of violating a conditional release. Hey judge, great idea you have there; let this criminal off on a conditional release when he so obviously learned his lesson the last time when he was on a conditional release. Its a good thing judges do not have to face voters in this country or you would be out on your ass, and looking for work with the NDP.

And last but not least this little bit of news that is not really news when some important things like facts are left out of the story. Lets see how far the media goes with bringing the New Zealand speech to light in this case so the truth can be known, but do not hold your breath as the CBC is not known to eat much crow itself.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mail from Bill Graham

Yesterday (Friday) I got a nice bit of Liberal propaganda in the mail from Bill Graham titled "Standing up for Canadian families". I will update more when I get some time, but did anyone else get this bulk mailing as well?


Sorry about the delay, but the reality of raising children takes precedence over commenting on raising children.

Back to the Liberal propaganda. It basically re-hashes the tired old Liberal lines we have heard before and continues to mislead even on the basics. I will take just one section as an example of what I mean.

"That is why we worked hard with all provinces and territories to create a nation wide early learning and child care system that embraces the shared principles of quality care, universal inclusiveness, accessibility and an emphasis on development and learning."

Big words sound nice, but it is too bad the facts do not back up the statement. This so called system is nothing but a bunch of very different deals, some signed and some just agreements in principle, where what happens in one province may not be the same that happens in another to the point that the money does not have to be even used for childcare. How can anyone claim with a straight face that this is 'universal' is beyond imagination. To be universal it would have to fund the child, each and every child and not just a select few in big urban cities, and definately not the daycare lobby which is pushing for the Liberal plan/s. (they of course use the flawed and very biased YMCA study to support their claims)

The mailing goes on with the usual Liberal falsehoods but I will not bother going into it in detail as it has all been debunked before by bloggers much more versed on the subject than myself, but I will continue to be on the watch for more of this crap as this seems to be the only tune that the Liberals have in their songbook.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thoughts of the last few days.

When I am on my stretch of night shifts for work, blogging takes a back seat to sleep and I have not been up to date with my posting for the week. Here are some late thoughts.

The torrid pace of the first hundred days continues with the budget on Tuesday and the crime bills tabled Thursday and now Hedy enters the race.

I will comment on the budget tonight, as I have to read the crime bill first and the Hedy stuff can write itself.

In my opinion the budget was not perfect. I have my doubts if a perfect budget could exist in the real world at all, but I do think this budget was pretty good based on real world standards. I also think the average Canadian feels that way as well and will remember come election time.

Most of the positives of the budget have been discussed to death so I will just hit a couple of my favorite bits from the budget to comment on.

GST Cut. Another promise made.

Choice for Childcare: I have always been in favor of this plan and am glad to see it implemented. I also was watching live when Carolyn Bennett made her now famous comments on the Duffy show. My big chance to scoop the blogging world occurred as I was about to leave for work and could post, arggggg.

Relating to prisons and children, there was a little nugget that did not get much press or blog time.

The $ 500 tax deduction for parents to put their children into sports / fitness programs.

I love this program as it will not only promote health in children by getting more of them active with the obvious health benefits which will not only be felt now but well into the future with healthcare costs; it may also keep those prisons a little more empty in the future as well. I am not going to get into all sorts of psycho babble here, but kids active in sports are generally not the ones that go around painting grafitti on buildings nor are they the ones commiting most of the numerous other crimes out there. There are exceptions of course, but my theory is a lot closer to reality than Dr. Bennett's is.

Oh and did I mention that this program will also gives parents a break on their taxes? Always a good thing in my books and those of us trying to raise children.

If you want a real innovative program this is the one, and we should be shouting from the rooftops about it as it shows real, dare I say progressive thinking. While some are banning soft drinks in schools in a misguided attempt to improve kids health, others are coming up with real workable solutions to the problem.

Bravo Mr. Harper!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Oil Move On

The Oilers have won their first round series against the leagues best team, the Detroit Redwings.

Now if only Calgary can get their act together we can have an old fashioned battle of Alberta.