Thursday, May 18, 2006

The NDP, standing up for nothing.

Screw the NDP. I have lost what little respect I had for that party after watching the Afghanistan debate and the spin leading up to it earlier today.

There is so much wrong with these guys that I do not know where to start.

Jack Layton wants a vote and when he gets what he asked for he still is not happy.

There was no free vote for NDP as 'Mr. Rights' again didn't allow his own members to vote their own conscience or represent their constituants. The irony of this leftist party denying its own members free thought and action (you know the stuff they preach everyday) should shout out to everyone that the NDP stand for NOTHING. Its so basic that even the average Che t-shirt wearing college student should see it, but alas leftist sheep have no free thought and just go along.

The would have us walk out on our commitments and long standing treaties in this NATO and UN sanctioned mission, yet they scream that Canada will lose face if we step away from the impossible to achieve Kyoto agreement.

Protecting the rights and creating a future for ALL of the Afghan people is not important for the party of womens and everyone elses rights, but somehow Darfur is worthy of sending in our troops. I really want someone to explain this one to me, as I can not see the logic in this line of reasoning.

I am begining to think the only way the NDP would appreciate and respect the military is if they unionize it, pin a few stars on Buzz, and make him Chief of Defense Staff.


I have one special comment for Paul Dewer, but I don't think using the F word would be appropriate for this blog. Here are some of his comments (with added emphasis from myself, and my comments below) from the debate tonight via Hansard.

"It cannot be emphasized enough that the NDP fully supports the brave men and women of the Canadian Forces and the important work they are doing around the world. Let us not sink into a debate, a jingoistic ballyhoo, when it comes to the issues of war"

(lets see how long this tone lasts)

" It should be noted that the American Operation Enduring Freedom tactics have been to conduct aggressive search and destroy missions, aerial bombings and all-out offensives against alleged terrorist insurgents for the last four years with absolutely dismal results."

(non jingoist words to inspire our troops no doubt)

"It has to be said that the reason for the delay of the Dutch and the British to join in the south stems from their concerns about the mission. Why? Because of the lack of clarity in the south, which has brought not more security but less"

(Our troops have made things worse? Maybe for the Taliban, but who else?)

"The government has stated many intentions, such as bringing democracy, fighting a war on terror, making Canada safer or allowing girls to attend school. These are laudable goals and they could and at some point should be arrived at, but for now it is not a military objective"

(Do you know what the hell you are talking about? How can any of these goals be arrived at without the military, including the 'war' on terror you just cited?)

"...and as I said before, to not be involved in what has been a failure in the south of Afghanistan."

("Failure" and "Dismal" is how this clown describes what our troops are doing on our behalf and those of the Afghan people. With respect like that who needs enemies?)

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