Sunday, May 14, 2006

Double standard ?

If anyone has been paying attention to the MSM this last week they would have seen numerous mentions and criticisms of MP Maurice Vellacott's comment about Justice Beverley McLachlin. The story appeared everywhere as it lead the 3 national tv late news broadcasts and was featured prominently in most newspapers across the country, in other words it could not be missed. I will not fault the media for reporting the story as it is fair game, but please report what the judge did say and let Canadians make up their own mind on the subject.

Now consider this story. An NDP MP says that that he fears police retribution and his leader Jack Layton says Les ( B.C.'s Solicitor General John Les) should spend more time pressing an investigation into the incident than looking for an apology from Cullen. A Canadian MP comes out and says that he fears that the police (RCMP) will illegally retaliate against him and I find the small story on page 25 of the Edmonton Sun today as I eat my breakfast, and so far I have seen nothing on this story on either of the big national tv news networks.

Double standard or not?

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