Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Judges know best?

I posted about this issue awhile back and now it would seem my fears have become reality. Absolutely unbelievable, but when something goes before a judge you never know what will happen.

Speaking of out of touch judges, this is just plain nuts. He was let off with no jail time after he plead guilty to invitation to sexual touching, four counts of drug trafficking, obstructing justice and two counts of violating a conditional release. Hey judge, great idea you have there; let this criminal off on a conditional release when he so obviously learned his lesson the last time when he was on a conditional release. Its a good thing judges do not have to face voters in this country or you would be out on your ass, and looking for work with the NDP.

And last but not least this little bit of news that is not really news when some important things like facts are left out of the story. Lets see how far the media goes with bringing the New Zealand speech to light in this case so the truth can be known, but do not hold your breath as the CBC is not known to eat much crow itself.

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