Tuesday, May 23, 2006

THe Black SUV and the Moron

It would seem that this story is somehow news, or maybe it is just another moron trying to link the PM to Bush at each and every turn. I hope they are happy with this tactic but the Harper is scary angle is wearing very thin with Canadians who are seeing something much different from our PM.

Take a look at this little sentence at the end of the article.

"Officials at the Defence Department and Emergency Preparedness Canada could not say whether security levels have changed because of Canada's decision to engage an army battle group against the Taliban in Afghanistan."

What the hell is this trying to say? Of course they 'could not say', as there is no real question here if this deals with the PM's security; which everyone (including Tim Naumetz) could find out in seconds is the RCMP's job. Security levels for who, what, where? and I will also put 'when' in here as we have been engaging the Taliban for a long time so the time frame is also very vague. The RCMP buy a new truck and Tim Naumetz jumps off the deep end finding comparisons to GW Bush.

How does this pass for journalism outside of a school newspaper?

My apologies to student newspapers everywhere who have higher standards.

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