Sunday, May 28, 2006

Liberal kids show

"Good morning boys, girls and those genderly challenged.''

"We have a busy day on Liberal Street today; Dr. Bennett will be coming for a little visit to discuss why most of you will be going to prison because your mommies keep you at home, and later she will be talking with Farmer Ron about his rash. Sounds like Farmer Ron didn't take his medicine doesn't it kids.''

"Oh look, here comes Postal Person Pat with an envelope. You know what that means... thats right, it's the the word of the day. Thank you Pat, have a liberal day.''

"Gather around children and lets see what todays word is". (opens up envelope) "Oh my, todays word is a big one, but one very important to the message so lets try to use it often.''

"Todays word is PETULANT. Can anyone use this in a sentence? Ok little Scotty, you can go ahead.''

"The Prime Minister is being petulant" (approx 04:00 mark)

''Thank you, Scotty that is a very good sentence and one we should use as often as we can and we should encourage others to use it as well, and Scotty thank your Mom for bringing in the popcorn for all of us today as well as a few adult beverages for the crew.''

(Loud roar from the Union Crew)

''Now children it is important to stay on message, and keep reminding everyone of how the PM is petulant. Don't worry if you do not know what it means just keep using it and eventually everyone will start to agree with us and then we can return a Liberal government to its rightful place and we here on Liberal Street can get more funding to help shape the future minds of our youth, promote Canadian values, and I can finally get that condo on Spadina."

"Before we go to a commercial break, I should tell you about the winner of last months creative writing contest. Little Timmy Naumetz won with his entry about the PM and his RCMP motorcade. Timmy managed to mention Bush and Harper together in a story that really had nothing to do anything other than a vehicle purchase. Now thats creative writing at its best, and he deserves to win this months "brown paper bag of entitlements", which was just picked up by Postal Person Pat and is now on its way to his house. Thats a tip to all of you out there; if you can use the word petulant and somehow tie in George W. Bush as well, it would make your entry even more likely to be next months winner. Good luck, and we will be right back with an Uncle Iggy cartoon after this...."

Cut to commercial.

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