Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mail from Bill Graham

Yesterday (Friday) I got a nice bit of Liberal propaganda in the mail from Bill Graham titled "Standing up for Canadian families". I will update more when I get some time, but did anyone else get this bulk mailing as well?


Sorry about the delay, but the reality of raising children takes precedence over commenting on raising children.

Back to the Liberal propaganda. It basically re-hashes the tired old Liberal lines we have heard before and continues to mislead even on the basics. I will take just one section as an example of what I mean.

"That is why we worked hard with all provinces and territories to create a nation wide early learning and child care system that embraces the shared principles of quality care, universal inclusiveness, accessibility and an emphasis on development and learning."

Big words sound nice, but it is too bad the facts do not back up the statement. This so called system is nothing but a bunch of very different deals, some signed and some just agreements in principle, where what happens in one province may not be the same that happens in another to the point that the money does not have to be even used for childcare. How can anyone claim with a straight face that this is 'universal' is beyond imagination. To be universal it would have to fund the child, each and every child and not just a select few in big urban cities, and definately not the daycare lobby which is pushing for the Liberal plan/s. (they of course use the flawed and very biased YMCA study to support their claims)

The mailing goes on with the usual Liberal falsehoods but I will not bother going into it in detail as it has all been debunked before by bloggers much more versed on the subject than myself, but I will continue to be on the watch for more of this crap as this seems to be the only tune that the Liberals have in their songbook.

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