Friday, January 25, 2008

A bad day for Bob Rae.

Stephane Dion's choice as foreign affairs critic for the Liberal Party of Canada, the unelected Bob Rae, had what might be called his worst day since his defeat as Ontario Premier in the 1995 elections where, as leader of the NDP, he took his party from a majority of 74 seats to a dismal 17.

Today Bob Rae not only came to the realization that Canada may indeed be involved in counter insurgency operations in Afghanistan, he also showed the country that he has no clue about how military operations are carried out, nor about just how far a government should be micro managing those operations from Ottawa.

If the Liberals are deluded enough to think that they should be directing the daily combat actions of our military from Ottawa, than I hope the troops do get pulled out of Afghanistan because these arrogant clowns in the LPC will end up costing lives on the ground. Canada has a very well trained and responsible Armed Forces who know how to handle their military operations, and they do so without broadcasting their plans and protocols to the world. How they quietly handled the prisoner issue goes to enforce just how professional our troops are in the job they have been tasked with by our government, NATO, and the UN.

Combat operations should not be run in public by consensus, nor should they be run from a classroom run by a nerdy professor with Marxist ideas. Only fools, incompetents, or ones who choose to play politics on the backs of our military would 'think' otherwise.

Which of these would better explain the actions of either Bob Rae or Field Marshall Dion? Either way, the Liberals have again shown Canadians why they are not capable of forming a government for some time to come.

BIG UPDATE: Dion knew about this a week ago. Watch the Liberals try now to spin and explain Dion and Iggy both knew about the change yet allowed Bob Rae and the rest of the attack machine to try to embarrass the Harper government.

As I said, playing politics.


Very late update: Canadian Cynic linked to this post 3 times to incite and spin this non issue.

Links at the bottom of the comments.........But be warned that CC uses his free speech rights to offend people and not work friendly. It is strange considering that CC goes out of his way to offend while he supports the HRC's abusing the free speech rights of Levant and Steyn.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey Pablo, is there something you want to tell us?

The CBC has acknowledged that Krista Erickson did indeed feed questions to a Liberal MP that were used in questioning Brian Mulroney during the ethics committee hearings, and Krista now has been taken off the Ottawa beat and sent to Toronto.

So Pablo, you had stated that it was you who wrote those questions yourself when speaking about this event shortly after it became public. Were those statements correct or ........

Sunday, January 20, 2008

WTF is wrong with the media in this country

Seriously, would someone like to please explain to me why, arguably the most important story in years regarding our basic rights is being ignored by the main stream media in Canada? If there is a valid reason why the news isn't 'all Ezra, all of the time', I would like to hear it, because not only does this sham proceeding against Ezra effect all Canadian citizens right to free speech and expression, but it also greatly effects the very heart of what the free press/MSM is, and supposedly stand for in a democracy such as Canada.

This should be a bread and butter issue with the Canadian MSM, but yet most of them remain strangely silent as a fellow magazine publisher gets hauled before a government sanctioned body to explain why he published news worthy cartoons in a news magazine, and explain to them what his motives and thoughts were when he did so. Something that threatens the very existence of the free press/MSM is all but being ignored by those that it may have the most profound effect on. I don't even have a word for something like this, but unbefuckinlievable comes close to my thoughts on the entire thing.

As of this writing, a Google news search only produces 54 hits for Ezra Levant. 54!!! 78 with duplicates included and the real sad thing is that almost half of these new stories come from sources OUTSIDE of Canada. If you take out the National Post, Sun Media, and the now online only Western Standard stories from the list, and you are left with a little over a dozen hits on the HRC/Levant story. A quick search of our taxpayer funded CBC News site gives a grand total of zero ( I guess Rex's rant does not qualify as news to Google), and an exact same total of zero hits can be found over at the CTV News website.

Bloggers have again jumped in where the MSM fear to tread, which is to be expected as most of us can see the potential threat in all of this to what we do in our spare time. Even those opposed to Ezra because of his political leanings or past writings should conclude that their own freedom to write that scathing post about Levant, is the exact same right that Ezra exercised when he decided to publish the cartoons.

Freedom of thought, speech, and ideas form the backbone of what it means to live in a free society, and when those basic rights are attacked, threatened or even possibly curtailed, the rest of our rights of which we should hold so dear, are very much in danger themselves of being removed all together.

Again, where is the media on this?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mayor Miller calls for a ban on private vehicles in Toronto

Top Stories: January 18, 2011

Toronto: Mayor Miller today called on the majority Harper government to ban driving and the private ownership of automobiles in the City of Toronto. "There is no reason for any citizen to drive a vehicle within the City of Toronto". Miller said, "It is a crime to the environment and upon every last breathing creature on the earth to do anything else but take the TTC,"adding later that "We have spent billions of tax payer dollars on the TTC to save you from having to feel the guilt of driving."

Critics of the plan, upon having had their criticism scrutinized and approved for publication by the Ontario Human Rights Commission, noted that the excess costs could bankrupt the federal government which currently pays for approximately 90% percent of the GTA budget. "We cannot expect everyone in the country to pay for the utopia that we all know is Toronto." said a spokesman for the critics, being careful to note that at no time did he bring up the issue of private ownership rights as that would be against progressive thinking and be wrong.

Miller quickly shot back that because of the cost savings to the average auto owning citizen; his plan would free up about $500 extra dollars a month that could now be taxed to pay for the added expenses. Miller proudly exclaimed, "The people will be happy to pay extra money if it means they no longer have to worry about driving or the environmental damage they are causing." A consensus of economists praised the idea and supported the mayors numbers citing that $6000 is actually much less than what your average car owner pays in a year for the privilege of driving. "There is plenty of room there for even more taxes."

Calgary: Ezra Levant was denied parole today after he again refused to admit to the thought crimes he was convicted for in 2008. According to witnesses at the hearing, just before Mr Levant was carried away by prison guards for refusing to comply he gave a nasty tongue lashing to members of the parole board saying that they................

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I support free speech

I have had no time to blog for weeks now, mostly because I have been working way too many hours, but I am making some time today before I head out to work again tonight to throw my support behind Ezra Levant and the right to free speech.

Ezra, take heart knowing that not only were you correct in publishing the cartoons, but that you have the support of Canadians everywhere who truly value their/our rights.