Monday, December 24, 2007

Bob Rae, best wishes for the upcoming year 2002.

Yes that is correct, 2002.

Either Bob Rae must believe that we are about to into the year 2002, or he is totally incompetent at his job of being the Liberals foreign affairs critic.

Bob Rae (Globe and Mail)

“If we continue down the path that (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper wants to take us on, we're really going to be essentially engaged in a counterinsurgency campaign in Afghanistan, and I think that's extremely unwise,” he said.

“I don't think that's where people want to be. I think they want to see us in a peacekeeping role. I think they want to see us in a peacemaking role.”

Is Bob Rae, a person whose job it is to know, the only person in Canada to not know the reality of what are troops are and have been doing in their NATO lead and UN approved role in Afghanistan since January of 2002? Hey Bob, I mean you must know, it was in all the papers and it was the current group of people you hang around with that first sent our troops there to begin with.

Either that or maybe Bob Rae does think it is still 2001. Possible, because he does seem to have issues with his memory in remembering other things from the past as well.

This is almost too unbelievable for words, the Liberal critic for foreign affairs has shown himself to be a clueless idiot and he is not called on it by the press. Do you think if any conservative said anything even half as stupid as what Bob Rae said that we wouldn't all be hearing the screams of the Liberals in every MSM source out there? Yes, me to.

H/T Freedom is my Nationality.


Anonymous said...

LMAO...the reason no one cares is because it's Bob Rae... and it's Christmas... who has time for the Liberal party...they can no longer live the dream... all the rocks they try to flip over to expose any dirt have there own people hiding there already

Anonymous said...

Bob Rae should be shot in the face!

I hate this man.

Anonymous said...
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Ardvark said...

Anon, you are a moron and probably a Liberal supporter trying to stir up shit, so take your crap elsewhere as it is not needed or wanted here.

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