Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dion's best line of the week.

"It was an attempt of sabotage," Dion said. "Fortunately, nobody in the world knew who was Jack Layton."

This from a speech to a gathering of LPC Riding Presidents in Montreal on the weekend as Dion expressed distaste for the partisan conduct of NDP Leader Jack Layton, who showed up at a Montreal climate change conference chaired by Dion in 2005 and predicted the conference would fail due to Canada's lack of credibility on the issue.

Funny coming from a man who is going to Bali, uninvited to scream @ anyone who will listen to him about Canada's 'lack of credibility' on the issue. Fortunately for us, few will know who he is, but somehow I do expect Dion will get much more press in Bali than old Jack did when the conference was held in Canada. Why is that?

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Canadian Patriot said...

It's more than funny to me that Dion's first point is regarding helping the world fight a 2 Degree change in world temperature.

How asinine and arrogant is this? The same type of comment came from Merkel, the German Chancellor.

How precisely is any government agency going to regulate temperature change? Ridiculous.