Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why a Public Inquiry is Still Required

Because a Canadian citizen, as well as a former Prime Minister, have been persecuted by not only the Liberal Party, using the powers of government to do so, but also the press in what looks like a political witch hunt from the start.

Let's give the 2 key players what they deserve and have both called for, a public inquiry into how these false stories and political allegations have ruined their names, and why.


Alberta Girl said...

Does the phrase "be careful what you ask for" apply in this fiasco.

They were warned!

Who knows what nuggets of dirt one might find under all those stones.

Watch the clamouring of

"there is no need for a public inquiry now"

or my prediction

"Why is Stephen Harper insisting on carrying on with this ridiculous witchhunt"

Anonymous said...

If we do have a public inquiry I would like to see the CBC included - and no parliamentary immunity for them. They were still trying to somehow spin it their way on last night's news.