Friday, December 21, 2007

Having it both ways.

How is it possible, as Dion says, to have Canada make mega tonnes of money and not harm our economy while we reduce our CO2 emissions, while at the same time accepting the argument from China and India that they must be allowed special circumstances because it will harm their respective 'developing' economies?

So which one is it Stephane? If you believe in one, you can't believe in the other.

Or maybe you can if you just make stuff up to suit your needs.


Anonymous said...

If there is such money to be made by adhering to the climate change mantra, why isn't China first in line to implement it?

Tom said...

While Dion tries to keep Canadians' eyes on Canada reductions, he doesn't want us to get too involved in the China global situation since the Chritien extended family are making a fortune installing coal power plants in China. Musn't upset his mentor. BTW does he have any ties with Power Copr.?
read the Sidewinder report to understand the direction of my thinking.