Monday, December 10, 2007

All Aboard

"You can have unilateral disarmament. Some might call it noble -- but it's not necessarily smart.''

John Baird nails it with that quote. Unless China, the US, and India cut their emissions the "climate change" problem will not get solved but rather only become worse with time. It is simple math; yet the climate change consensus crowd who are always shoving 'science' down everyones throats ignore the only real pure science of the argument, the math.

BTW, how can a country that has 1.4 trillion dollars sitting in the bank, and that amount growing by 1 billion per day, be considered poor and a developing country? 1 billion per day!! Perhaps if China were serious about reducing CO2 emissions they could spend their own money on the problem rather than the 15 billion a year they get from indulgences the carbon trading market, and that money could go to a country that will actually reduce their emissions rather than increasing them like China does.

If the goal is CO2 reduction, China has to be on board.


ron said...

The climate change talks in Bali have nothing to do with improving our Planet but more to do with the socialist agenda of wealth redristribution. You see the signs at demonstrations "MAKE THE RICH COUNTRIES PAY".
If Dion and Layton get their way we in Canada will have no industry, and we shall freeze to death in the dark while breathing polluted air from other countries

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter to Dion. As soon as this country goes down the toilet he'll just move to France.

Ardvark said...

Dion is always claiming that CO2 reductions will not hurt our economy, but yet he and the rest of the GHG crowd buy into China's argument that they should be exempt because of the burden reductions will place on China's economy.

???? You can't have it both ways, but Dion is trying his best to do just that.