Thursday, December 13, 2007

Did the CBC write some of the Liberals Questions to BM today?

Watching CTV after the testimony of former PM Brian Mulroney, Duffy was speaking with former Liberal MP Jean Lapierre who stated that he was told that the CBC wrote some of the questions used by some of the Liberals at the committee hearing today. Those questions dealing not with the airbus, Schrieber fiasco, but with the proposed cellphone spectrum auction.

Could this be true?

Update: Dean Del Mastro on Duffy states that a Liberal researcher has confirmed the story.

Stephen Taylor has some more info here.

Dec 20th Update: Why did Pablo ask such a detailed question in english?

More to come, that is if the MSM feel like looking into their own backyard.

Update 23:45 : not much from MSM on this YET, but many (not Liberal) bloggers are:
As usual Joanne gives us her take, as well as Sandy here, and Angry gives us his view and has included video of our friend Pablo asking the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney the off topic questions. Watch how Paul Szabo justified this line of questioning as being in the mandate of the ethics committee. The same questions that may have been suggested by the CBC!

Saturday update: It looks like this is finally getting some attention, Joanne has a nice roundup of links here.

Dec 18th update: Another response from the CBC and they do indeed think it is a big deal, so how is it that some Liberals can continue to claim otherwise?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Lapierre did not back off on his comments when Mr. Duffy commented on it possibly being libelous.
Let's see if it gets any traction.

Anonymous said...

The CBC (by way of the Fifth Estate) has been a primary player in the series of accusations and charges against PMBM. If it comes out that they pursued this out of a political bias and/or personal reasons, they open themselves to the mother of all law suits and a great reason for the total withdrawal of public funds. They MUST ensure the public believes Mulroney is guilty. To this end, writting a few off-the-subject questions to divert focus is something I am willing to consider of them. Would the Liberals let it happen? I am willing to believe anything about that bunch of crooks.

Ron said...

I assume that Jean Lapierre is telling the truth because he saw the written questions given to Liberal Members by the CBC.
I think there should be an inquiry of the CBC for interfering in the proceedings of Parliment for obvious political reasons.
Today Mr Mulroney was a class act.
Pat Martin was an ass, and I hope Mulroney sues his ass off for the comments he made Mike Duffy outside the house.

Blue Magic said...

I saw that too. And he did not back down he was upset about it.

If true heads have to roll.

Calgary Junkie said...

Talk about hypocricy.

The Libs are claiming that govt policies are being influenced by media giant Quebecor (with Mulroney as a go-between).

Meanhwile, the Libs are, allegedly, being influenced by media giant CBC.

And then there was the letter Mulroney read, from Eddie Greenspan (Schriber's lawyer at the time) to the Fifth Estate. It insisted that the BRITAIN account had nothing to do with Brian Mulroney. Yet the Fifth Estate made no mention of that letter in their documentary.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I heard it too! Duffy almost choked.

Ruth said...

I almost think that Mr. Lapierre is switching from being a Liberal.

Chuckercanuck said...


I'd say he's turned Harpermaniac. He was always a right-wing Liberal. And, sometimes non-Quebeckers don't understand how much of an impact Harper has made in Quebec. He is very admired (not loved like some celebrity). Admired, like a great leader.

Anonymous said...

Jean Lapierre is an idiot.

He was irrelevant as transport minister and a complete disaster as Paul Martin's Quebec Lieutenant.

Just because he's got a gig as a political analyst doesn't mean he knows what he's talking about.

gerry said...

Well anonymous ( or coward to print his/her real name) Lapierre had the courage to expose a liberal misdeed and immediately you have people like yourself denouncing him. I hope that this accusation is followed up closely because i sense a conspiracy between individuals in the cbc working with liberal mps to embarass Mulroney and Harper.
Like Mulroney if this did indeed happen it has to be exposed and dealt with. But then again nothing the liberals do anymore surprises most Canadians because sleeze and corruption his disappeared from liberal ideals and morality.

Anonymous said...

Did the CBC write some of the liberals questions to the former prime minister today? Can this be true? If so how unethical is that! What a waste of taxpayer money.

Stephen Taylor said...

Corey said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
gerry said...

Well anonymous Corey ( again probably a false name because he is to embarrassed to reveal his real name. It is obvious that you have anger management and reasoning difficulties. This unfortunately is the result of a liberal education, as your posts well illustrate. We really don't hold it against you but do politely snicker at what you say.
As for calling my your little dip shit, please save that for your liberal friends as conservatives tend to have a different orientation. But then again you seem to find the term endearing and probably use it frequently with your close friends.

Ardvark said...

Please try to keep it civil.

gerry said...

My apologies Alberta Ardvark. I unfortunately really did not like the
attack on Lapierre's credibility especially since a liberal research member directly involved in this whole CBC mess told Duffy that Lapierre was correct that the CBC did indeed give questions to Pablo to ask.
I was a liberal for the trudeau, turner, and chretien elections. Sponsorgate totally disillusioned me as far as the liberal party was concerned. I was probably one of the few Albertans who actually voted liberal in provincial elections.
To discredit a liberal because he told the truth really exemplifies all that is wrong with liberalism today.

Ardvark said...

It was a general comment not really directed at you but more for our anonymous friend who liked to call people names. I get just as partisan as anyone and do fly off the handle now and again as well, but there is really no reason to call anyone names or for inappropriate language.

A liberal in Alberta huh; I thought you guys were all but extinct in these parts =)

maryT said...

Whoever wrote those questions and gave them to liberals, probably knew LL saw it and assumed, as a liberal he would keep quiet. WRONG, some liberals must have morals, as he resigned his seat.
I actually had good conversations last week with several alberta mlas. When I asked what party one said liberal, is that ok. I said yes, you can sit here. There were about 5 of them in the group.
As an aside, I received a Christmas Card, with Christmas greetings on it, from my MLA. Should I be offended and raise a stink in the media like some woman did over a card received by the PM. Oh, I got one from PMSH also.