Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nomination update - Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont

Still nothing official as of yet, as no dates have been set by the party brass with regards to the potential nomination race in Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont (EMB), but that doesn't mean that all is quiet.

EMB MP Mike Lake was on Dave Rutherford yesterday and was speaking about the nomination race. You can catch it in the audio vault here (August 30th, 10am) If your local Corus station carries Rutherford, the segment should be in their audio vault; just adjust the time accordingly to time zone changes. FYI: The audio vault only holds programs for 30 days.

An article in the Hill Times dealing with races can be found here, with the second half of the article dealing with EMB.


My initial thoughts on the situation are here in a post I made on the 17th, and as of today my opinion really hasn't changed as I still believe that you should not be challenging an incumbent MP without just cause or reason.

I will be blogging much more on the EMB situation and some other nomination related issues as time permits in the near future. Until then I again offer up some questions to any potential challengers to Mike Lake:

Why are you running for a position to represent your party and the people of EMB against the very person the party nominated earlier and already has been elected by the good people of EMB as their MP in Ottawa?

Who really benefits from your running as the CPC candidate for EMB?

And what would these benefits be?


If anyone in Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont is interested in purchasing a party membership to help keep our current MP Mike Lake as the candidate for the CPC please call 465-6415.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


It would seem that Jason Kenney was duped into speaking at a rally organized by Iranian supporters of a banned terrorist group. The rally on Parliament Hill on April 6th appears to have been organized by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the political wing of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI). The PMOI is one of the names used by the MEK, or Mujahedin-e-Khalq, an Iranian rebel group formally designated as a terrorist organization by the governments of Canada in May 2005, the United States and the European Union.

By reading the above linked article from the Star, it is clear that Mr.Kenney had no idea that he was speaking with a group listed as a terrorist organization, and states "I guess I was stung."

The criticism has already begun and although I think the comparison between this and the recent comments by Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj are not really valid, it does cause me some concern.

Before anyone starts in on me for being an apologist, give it a rest as these 2 events are not the same, nor are the motives.

The MPs on the Hezbo-tour were fully aware of what they were saying and about which group/s they were speaking about. The supposed apology from BW was to and for the Liberal party for the damage he had caused, but he never repudiated his comments about Hezbollah or the one about Israel practicing 'state terrorism', showing that he still does not get it. Kenney on the other hand did something without knowing all of the facts.

Does this excuse Kenney? In my opinion it does not.

He has a responsibility to make damn sure that he knows who he is speaking to. A google search won't cut it, and asking a group representative if his buddies are bad people or good people is not the most accurate ways to get at the truth about the matter. In my opinion this is a case of poor judgement and not doing the work required to make sure something will not come back to bite you in the ass in the future. I hope he enjoys the teeth marks, and uses them to remember to exercise much better judgement in the future.

A bit off topic, but how was it that this group managed to set up on Parliament Hill anyway? Is some kind of permit not required for these types of things or is it a free for all? I am wondering because if the RCMP or who ever looks at security/permits etc allowed this 'banned' group to set up, how was Kenney to know?


From where I sit the Star took some liberties with the truth on this one, as the links to any banned group were very thin indeed. This helps explain why the RCMP had no issues with the rally because the group was not on the list.

This didn't stop the Liberals from trying to make a story out of it and dropping Stockwell Day into the mix as well, but all would not be so clean cut as it turns out there are a few Liberals also knee deep in this mess. Here is a nice example of not standing behind what you say.

In the end this was a non story. I have received comment that I was too hard on Jason Kenney as he really did do nothing wrong, and I do agree he did nothing wrong. However I still stand by what I wrote above. When even non stories like this can be used by those who will do almost anything to see the CPC damaged, extra caution must be used to avoid placing yourself into these type of situations where doubt can be cast. It was poor judgement and I hope lessons were learned.

I also learned a few things as well, including not treating a Star article as real news.

The Liberal Party of Canada will self destruct in...

5, 4, 3, .... Ok, this may not be entirely the truth but the LPC certainly are taking plenty of self inflicted hits as of late over their position on Israel.

From the moment Bill Graham opened his mouth in an attempt to re-write history and policy, the LPC have continued to show why they are not fit to govern this country anytime soon. We have MPs and others resigning, in-fighting among liberal party members / bloggers, differing views from the leadership candidates, and just a general lack of any type of discipline, policy or leadership on the subject. It has been a total disaster for the Libs, and I doubt that it is even close to being over.

Very entertaining from my side of the fence, and I hope the wife cashed the childcare cheque this month as good entertainment requires refrehments.

A quick note as I watch Bill Graham's live news conference from the Liberal caucus. Mr Graham just stated that wars and military force have "never" resolved any conflict world wide. I am starting to wonder if this guy is for real, as he seems to have forgotten about a couple of world wars and the sacrifice made by our armed forces in resolving those conflicts. It just keeps getting better and better.

More on the Liberal leadership from the Globe and Mail and a couple of funny links dealing with the Liberals on the middle east.

the clock continues to count down

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Trouble in Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont?

I was having a few quiet moments in my 'basement bunker' earlier today, and as usual the TV was on in the background tuned to CTV Newsnet for the latest. David Akin came on and talked about some of the upcoming CPC nomination contests and my attention shifted to what he was saying. He started out talking about Garth Turner and the challenge he is facing in his riding as well as a few others that may be challenged for their opinion on the ssm issue. Nothing really unexpected as this has been discussed before and I was aware of the situations, but then he dropped something of a bombshell that I was not aware of.

Mike Lake the sitting MP from my riding, Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont, would likely face a challenge for the riding. My initial thought was a nice simple WTF? I did a little checking and while the date of the nomination meeting has yet to be set and therefore the potential challengers have yet to declare their intentions, David Akin might be correct in his story that Mike could be facing a challenger. He also might be correct in his categorization of these challengers being "sore losers".

I am having a hard time with the concept of ousting a sitting MP without a damn good reason. With this in mind, why Mike Lake? Has he done something out right wrong, unethical, or so damaging politically that he might not be re-elected in the riding? Does he have ideas that run contrary to party policy, or spoken out against these same ideals? Has he not done his job as MP for the people of Edmonton-Millwoods-Beaumont, or represent their views and concerns in Parliament?

From where I sit I can find no fault with the rookie MP that would justify his removal as the CPC candidate in this riding. There was that Oiler playoff game that he attended with the PM that caused a little rustle in the trees of a few in the political blogging community, but I highly doubt that this non story would be held against him by the voters or within the party.

So if it isn't his performance so far as both an CPC member or MP, what could it be? I honestly have no idea and would greatly encourage those considering running against Mike to let me know why they are taking this course, and answer the following questions:

First off, why are you running for a position to represent your party and the people of EMB against the very person the party nominated earlier and already has been elected by the good people of EMB as their representative?

Who really benefits from your running for the CPC candidate for EMB? The party, the riding, or yourself?

And how or what are these benefits?

I await your answers.

Update: Aug 19.

Still waiting.

Lots going on with other MP nominations as well and if you are looking for for a great resource please visit Blue Blogging Soapbox . Lots more drama to come no doubt.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

All's Quiet on the Mid-Eastern Front....

and a few other thoughts.

It looks like the cease fire has taken hold, and now plenty of people are doing a post game analysis of rating the war and or trying to go all Nostradamus by predicting the future in the region. Who won? Who lost? What about Iran and Syria? Who has this hurt politically, but maybe more important, who has gained? How long will ......... (insert subject here) take? Will it last?

I will have more on this subject at another time, but this resolution and ceasefire looks a bit too much like Pirates of the Caribbean 2 for me. The only reason it exists is just to provide some context for the next, and perhaps final movie.

**For all of you who had Fidel in one of the many DeathWatch type internet pools are out of luck for this year, better luck next year. I have always had a soft spot for Fidel. He always looks so happy in his little green outfits, smoking some big fat stogie, smiling and waving to all his cheering fans; Trudeau seemed to like him and it would seem some DNA was passed on from dear old dad as Alexandre Trudeau made some favorable comments on Castro earlier this week.

**Disclaimer** I am conveniently avoiding the Communist dictator and human rights stuff from this post to appease the left side of my brain. Some say that the left side of the brain is more analytical, while the right side is what is used to function at tasks. I guess it is kind of like politics where the left have plenty of lofty ideas that never seem to come to fruition, while the right actually get things done. My apologies, but for good health and brain maintenance, it is good to air out some of the stuff the left side of the brain comes up with o couple times a year or more.

You would think the PM committed murder for all the ranting going on about him not attending the conference this week in Toronto. Peter Worthington sums it up nicely here and it reflects my thoughts on the matter quite nicely thank you. I guess Richard Gere carries more weight with the press than I gave him credit for; it is too bad he didn't follow through on his commitments and actually move to Canada after GWB was re-elected. OOPS, that was Alec Baldwin, I get my washed up actors confused at times. Again I offer my apologies.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Quote of the week

"The truth is that if tomorrow all the Arab states put down their weapons, there would be no more war. If tomorrow Israel put down all its weapons, there would be no more Israel." Steve Samuel.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Doctored Photos and other BS

LGF has a must see of doctored pictures from Reuters showing Beirut, or rather someone's photo shopped version of Beirut.

I think that this will get some play in the MSM tomorrow, but Reuters will claim they were duped, apologize and expect it to go away after a day or so. I suspect though that it will be around a bit longer than they want it to.

More from the wacky media today: Slick editing picked up nicely by Stephen Taylor.

CBC doing what they do best

the CBC regrets the above story ----added Aug22


Updates: Aug 7-8

Perhaps more doctored photos from the same photographer, before he was first suspended and then fired by Reuters.

This is the Reuters statement on the Beirut picture that started it all. Note that at this point the photographer responsible, who how had received a bonus for the his work with the Qana pictures, here and here, was only suspended and not yet fired.

Not much from the MSM at this point besides the Reuters story reprinted by other MSM.
(at the time of this post only 34 matches on Googlenews search for Reuters dealing with this story, of which only 5 of these would I define as MSM sites.)

Update Aug 9th: This could become a full time job updating this post if the blog world continues to expose suspect photos.

And so the story continues.

The MSM can not be enjoying this at all.

Aug10th update:

Video of the now famous 'Green helmet' as director from German TV

Building destroyed July 18th, or perhaps July 24th, or maybe it was August 5th?

Aug23-24: Adding yet more as the blogosphere continues to show up the MSM for again not doing their jobs.

Fake Ambulance Attack

All your fakes are.... ht Stephen Taylor

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Liberal position on Israel

So what is or even was the position of the LPC on Israel? Listening to Bill Graham and some of the leadership candidates it would seem that not taking sides or being neutral is the Liberal way, but how accurate is this?

Lets take a short look back:

"If anyone was concerned about Paul Martin's position on Israel, they needn't have worried. Speaking at a dinner in Ottawa recently, the prime minister gave an absolute endorsement of Israel's right to exist and to defend itself."I want to let you know that in Canada we will not, nor will we ever, waiver in our support of Israel," said the prime minister to a standing ovation. "We believe strongly and incontrovertibly in Israel's right to protect itself from people bent on destroying it."

Link here :well worth the effort to read.

Here is a little gem from the same story:

" A dinner highlight was the Premier's Tribute, honoring four former premiers for "their steadfast support for Israel and enduring friendship to the Jewish community." Lucien Bouchard was recognized for "publicly expressing his admiration for the determination, values and accomplishments of the state of Israel" and "for fostering a strong friendship between Quebecers and Israelis."

So how is that friendship thing working out?

This from another Martin speech

"For this reason, we are please to note that increasingly the global community is coming to recognize, each in its own way, what we have understood in Canada for some time now that Israels values are Canadas values, shared values of democracy, the rule of law and the protection of human rights."

The Liberal position on Israel? I haven't quite figured it out yet, but once they get it figured out I am sure we will be the first to know. That is, of course public opinion polls say otherwise and it again becomes time for a re-write. It is no wonder that long time supporters are now leaving the LPC.

Friday, August 04, 2006

It has been awhile...

It has been awhile since I last blogged or have followed the news, did I miss anything?

While I was away I did learn that Oprah isn't gay, but also found out that Lance Bass is. Wow, who would have thunk it? I don't normally keep up with the celebrity news but with blockbuster stories like these it would have been impossible not to have heard the oh so important news.

I have also been hearing a little about the tragedy that is now occurring in the mideast. From what I have gathered from the MSM; Israel is committing all sorts of war crimes against humanity and the poor peaceful freedom loving civilians of Lebanon, all under the direct orders of George Bush and his neo-con buddy Stephen Harper. I have also gathered that Beirut now resembles Berlin in May of '45 and that the only hope to end this massive spectacular and of course majorly disproportionate response from Israel would be another successfully intervention from the savior of the world, the UN.

While I was initially hoping that Canada would have maintained its longstanding and historical position of being neutral, but Alexa has informed me that horse has left the barn because Stephen Harper has chosen sides between the State of Israel, and the social club known to us as Hezbollah. Tsk, tsk, tsk Mr. Harper; if you do not remember your roots in the Alliance party at least please look on page 3 of the secret agenda and remember that your supporters are junior nazis and can never support the Jews.

What indeed has become of the PM I thought I knew? At least the Liberals have a clear and concise position on the subject, while you continue to keep making decisions based on opinion polls rather than what is right.

I am just thankful that I got to listen to CBC radio while I was away on vacation, or else I might not be as well versed on the facts of the current situation as I am, and can only hope that more of my tax dollars can be directed to help out with Canada's national broadcaster so others can be so enlightened.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

4 Canadians Killed in Afghanistan

This is not the first blog entry I had in mind when I returned from vacation

CTV story here