Saturday, March 31, 2007

Driving supporters Away.

Censorship, strong arm tactics, general stupidity, and cover up. What a great week it must have been to be a supporter of the Dion led Liberal Party of Canada.

The Mark ( consequences) Holland and Marlene (Let Marc Yvan Coté back into the LPC) Jennings saga continues as the Liberal Party (the only ones who can claim copyright on the video) had a video removed for copyright violations from youtube. The video shed some much needed light on those famous boxes the Liberals had somehow 'acquired' and kept for the last 14 months. While they had these boxes in their possession some Liberals also decided that it would be a good idea to look at what was inside those boxes and have some of the information copied.

WTF is going on within the Liberal Party of Canada? Or perhaps a better question would be how the hell can anyone still support these clowns?

Come on all you Liberal supporters and bloggers out there; please try to make a case for having Liberal staffers not only sort through, but also copy some of this private information while they kept these boxes in their possession over the last 14 months. Please feel free to add to this already pathetic display of how Dion's Liberals operate, because so far the silence on this, as well as the incident yesterday at a Dion news scrum where the Liberals had a couple of CPC staffers removed from a PUBLIC area by HOC security staff, has been deafening.

Is it any wonder that Liberal support is heading south if even the Kool-Aid™ crowd of hardcore Libs are silent on these stories; what do you think the thoughts of the public are about what is going on in the LPC?

I am betting there are many liberals out there right now having some very deep thoughts about the reasons they continue to support the LPC, and as I noted yesterday, it must be getting hard to look into the mirror for those that try to spin kind of crap.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another example of Social Justice

The daily antics of the Liberal party continue to amaze me. They have hit rock bottom and the more they whine the more support they lose.

From CTV : A Commons security guard forced the Conservative research employees to leave Thursday while one mingled with reporters to record a scrum with Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.

Unbelievable. How will this be spun by Dion and his "crew"? I do not think it can be spun but we shall see in good time.

Limiting who can or can not be at a public event is not the best way to display that you are the party of social justice.

I feel that even the most rabid Liberal is starting to see that Dion was a mistake, and spinning this crap is becoming a increasingly difficult thing to do. Well, at least if you want to look in the mirror that is.

Does anyone remember the CPC meeting in Toronto recently? A private function where a Star reporter got into a snit because she was not allowed in. Oh the outrage, I just wonder what the Star will say about this story.

Better yet, I wonder what Garth has to say about this one?

Stay tuned, more to come I am sure.


Editing at Liblogs. Including "the list"

A couple of recent edits from our friends at Liblogs.

First, the List of Libloggers that were in on the famous conference call. A list that has been deleted from JC's blog, but with the wonders of the internet is brought back to life here for your viewing pleasure.

Michelle Oliel
Scott Tribe
Jeff Jedras
The Sir Robert Bond Papers
Calgary Grit
A View from the Left
Tonton Coquillage
Rolling Back the Tide of Extremism, One Post at a Time
Rob's Random Thoughts
Red Tory
The Dan Report
Woman at Mile 0

A couple of questions. Do these now represent official Liberal policy in their writings? Is it just me or did most if not all the people on this list support Dion in the leadership race?

To be fair to those that took the time to reply in the comments I will answer my own questions from above.

Do these now represent official Liberal policy in their writings?

No, I never did think that the call was anything, pure rhetoric on my part to push a point about how it looks.

Is it just me or did most if not all the people on this list support Dion in the leadership race?

I guess it was just me. Ok I fess up. I knew that many were supporting other candidates from reading them during the race. I was just fishing.

Another edit, perhaps for a different reason this time. This one courtesy of another Liberal blog foottothefire. The post found below has been deleted from the blog as of the time of this posting.

"Posted at/Publié sur foottothefire on/à 2007-03-28 20:55 EST

Is there anyone in Canada who actually believed the Wheat Board Vote wouldn't be cooked by Stephen Hitler?
Trudeau warned that there was no other democracy more vulnerable to takeover by a dictator than our own; the devil has arrived.
This is what an Alberta conservative can do for your country.........."

Tolerance, thy name is Liberal.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

62% of farmers support freedom

The farmers voted and the choice is clear (pdf)

How is Dion going to spin this clear democratic choice by farmers to his position in favour of big government interference, social justice and status quo for the wheat board?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bob Rae wins nomination in Toronto Centre

Failed Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae won the nomination in Toronto Centre Monday night over human rights advocate Meredith Cartwright.

I wonder where Mr. Dion is going to put all those women candidates that he said he wants as candidates for the Liberals? My guess, Alberta.

Friday, March 23, 2007

From the Anthill March 22nd 2007

Another from the Anthill post because there is just too much to discuss and some great links are calling out to be saved.

A new poll out today, and the few Liberals supporters that remain are not taking it well, or so says Neo at the Halls of Macadamia. Watch it here at CTV while it lasts.

From the same story (and news clip) John Reynolds has his second quote of the day. The first was when he told Martha Hall Finlay to "Grow up" after she was complaining about what a mean guy Harper is.

Here is his other quote from the above CTV news stories."I like winning -- and we're going to win a majority government."

Some comments from David Akin's political blog at CTV that made me laugh.

"Joe Comuzzi will be proud of this decision for the rest of his days. Stephen Dion will be lamenting his foolish decision for the few days he has left as the Liberal leader." link

" .....If Brian Tobin doesn't switch his cell phone off this weekend, I doubt that he will get any time at all with his own family." link

I wonder how well Dion would poll in a battle with Tobin about who would make a better leader right about now?

Backseatblogger has a great clip up about an interesting sentence handed down by a US judge. Double bonus: Watch the reporter at the beginning of the story, it is worth the effort.

Maybe she should sign up for Kates Cat offset program.

More trouble in the left side of the blog world. First Liblogs and now Progblogs.

Blogger pleads guilty of death threat to PM. FYI a psych assessment in Alberta usually requires a 30 day stay in a nice mental health facility while the docs get a nice look at you. I wonder if this news is causing Allen Varlaki to loose any sleep?

Good night everyone.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Smackdown today on Duffy

My kingdom for a pvr, hopefully someone else grabs this and gets it up because it was a beauty.

John Reynolds, talking about the so called "smear" yesterday where the PM stated his wishes that the Liberals would show more support for our troops, laid a smackdown on Martha Hall Finlay.

MHF was going on about how bad the 'smear' was and Reynolds took exception noting that conservatives have been constantly smeared by the Liberals for years and ended the Duffy segment with this line.

"Thats politics, grow up"


John Reynolds is having a good day for being quote worthy. This from a CTV story on the latest poll numbers.

"Former Conservative MP John Reynolds, one of the prime minister's closest confidantes and the man who will run the Tory's next election campaign, was buoyed by the positive reaction to the budget.

"I like winning -- and we're going to win a majority government," he told CTV News."

Cue the outrage, again.

So this is what the fuss is about?

"I can understand the passion that the leader of the Opposition and members of his party feel for Taliban prisoners, I just wish occasionally they would show the same passion for Canadian soldiers."

"I would like to see more support in the House of Commons from all sides for Canadian men and women in uniform," Harper said.

"I think Canadians expect that from parliamentarians in every party. They have not been getting it, and they deserve it."

So the PM states what he would like to see more of in the HOC, and right on cue the Libs are again screaming about him being a bully. I see no outright smear, perhaps there is a bit of a guilty conscious thing happening here but little things like actual words mean nothing when playing the outraged victim card.

OK all you outraged Liberals, prove the PM wrong. Grab your Hansard and see if you can find some examples recently where the Liberals have indeed voiced support for the troops. No "we support the troops but......" quotes either please, context is key.


No Liberals yet up to my challenge but Steve Janke has some thoughts on the Liberal defense critic Denis Coderre.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bill 257 is Dead

The vote is in and Bill 257 has been defeated.

The liberals were split on the issue with many voting in favour of the Bill, but those that voted against were enough to stop this sad piece of legislation in its tracks.

A fitting end to a bad bill proposed by the BQ which would have had much negative impact across the entire country.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Liblogs power trip?

It seems that our friend Jason Cherniak has taken exception to audaciousontology posting the latest NDP ads up on their blog and has decided to do what was best for everyone. In a display of that famed Liberal tolerance and social justice, Jason has banned the blog from the Liblogs roll.

Is anyone really surprised?


A small update: March 19th. More Liberal bloggers leaving Liblogs.

Jason responds, but not on his blog. Catnip snaps. Plenty of links is both of these to keep you busy and up to date on this topic.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another edition of 'As the Cherniak Turns'. Same Liberal time, same Liberal station.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dion appoints Martha Hall Findlay in Willowdale

That champion of the charter, the defender of all things democratic, the upholder of social justice Stephane Dion appoints Martha Hall Findlay as the Liberal candidate in Willowdale.

No need for nominations or any of that other stuff that is synonymous with free elections, who cares if men are not allowed to apply, because Stephane is demonstrating democracy in action within the Liberal Party of Canada.

See the new NDP ads here.

The NDP are trying to finance a pre-election television ad campaign and have sent emails requesting money to their loyal supporters all across this great land of ours.

Link to the NDP ad in email

Youtube links to the others

This one is the one from the email

update: Liberal Blogger A BCer in Toronto noticed that the above link from the email is hosted on a server in the UK.

Those NDP, always looking out for Canadian business.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hey Garth!!

You might have missed this yesterday, but fellow blogger Len has a question for you to answer if you have the backbone to stand up for your own words time.

Some background on the subject for those not playing along at home.

H/T to ChuckerCanuck, who first spotted the fact that Garth did some editing to his site by not only removing his post calling the PM a political whore, but also his statement of retraction regarding that post.

Don't hate us because we are beautiful.

And some people wonder why Alberta does not vote Liberal. If painting Stephen Harper as evil doesn't work, why not just smear Alberta. Don't forget to read the comments for the 'common liberal man' opinion.

For an all inclusive, progressive, uniting, social justice party; those Liberals sure have a big hate on for Alberta.

March 15th update: Feel the love Alberta, feel the love. "Lucky for Steve he has Albertans. Igf (sic) Hitler had Albertans he wouldn't have needed to burn down the Reichstag."

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Like a compass in a magnet factory...

Stephane Dion is pointing in all directions but not really going anywhere.

This is the type of thing that drives me nuts about the Liberals. Right from day 1 of his so called leadership; Dion has been quoting from the Liberal script the usual BS about the Conservatives being neo-con evil right wing ideologues who will destroy Canada.

Now in another breath Dion is criticizing the Conservatives by claiming that they are stealing all the good Liberal ideas.

I know many Liberals have a hard time seeing stuff that is right in front of their faces sometimes but when you call someone, who is supposedly implementing your ideas, evil right wing zealots what does that say about not only your criticism, but also of the ideas themselves? Both criticisms of the CPC cannot be true, and to claim so makes flipper Dion look not so much like the intellectual he is claimed to be by some, but more of a typical Liberal politician who like his predecessors will say anything to get elected.

Friday, March 02, 2007

What you will not hear in question period

Here is something that I doubt we will be hearing from any opposition member in oral questions.

Mr. Speaker, this neocon government refuses to do the right thing and abide by our international and treaty obligations. When will this government do as the UN has asked them to do and shut down the safe injection site in Vancouver and restore Canada's reputation on the international stage?

From the article:

UNITED NATIONS - The UN's drug control agency is to warn Tony Clement, the Health Minister, that Canada is flouting international drug control treaties by enabling illicit drug use at a safe injection site in Vancouver and through drug-paraphernalia giveaways elsewhere.

Mr. Clement will be urged to shut down the initiatives, which the agency says effectively condone the use of drugs that Canada has agreed in an international forum are banned without a prescription......

"In a way [Canada] is encouraging illicit trafficking," Zhu Li-Qin, chief of the Convention Evaluation Section of the UN's International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), said from the agency's headquarters in Vienna.

For those playing along at home lets recap the position of the left:

Kyoto obligations good, NATO obligations bad.

UN obligations good, err bad, err just screw it and do as we say.

From The Anthill Mar 1, 2007

Lots of things to comment on but not enough time for single posts on each topic; the curse of the middle class working blogger.

The latest poll numbers are out (Angus Reid Decima) , and while I do not put much stock into polls in general, I do not see the Liberal numbers going up in the near future. The Liberals do not get it, but Canadians do.

More free advice from the Ardvark: Once you guys figure out that you lost the election for good reason and that you are not entitled by some kind of divine right to be the government, maybe then Canadians will give you a shot at power. Your performance and actions so far in opposition has been dismal and it constantly reminds voters as to why they voted your Liberal Party out.

It is really that simple, but judging by how the new brain trust over there has been handling things, I do not expect to see results on this very soon.


So, Al Gore buys carbon credits from a company he helped found, and is chairman of?

h/t Promo Christian

I think it is kind of a Boris Karloff thing; making money from scaring people, brilliant!!! An angle that even the great Suzuki has yet to think of, but some others have.

And don't forget to send me that cash! We both will sleep better knowing you did.


Do you think this could be true? A little tease: I think we’ll see Garth pop right back into that National Press Building room he loves to visit every six weeks to announce that Elizabeth May is the only visionary to lead the country in no time!


Diabetes rates are rising in Canada at an alarming rate. Another sign that we are going soft.


Pablo Rodriguez deserves something nice, perhaps a nice muffin or fruit basket. *


It is all over for the Oilers this year; after last years run this is a tough one to take for many fans, but they are fans and will bounce back.

Speaking of the Oilers, why all the fuss about Ryan Smyth being traded? He didn't sign because he didn't get a big enough offer from the Oil, and the tears of a millionaire should not take away the fact that this is business entertainment and it was his choice. Yes I said entertainment; sports is something you play, not watch. ( see the above reference to diabetes)

Besides, anyone old enough to have seen Gretzky get traded, should not get that upset because Smyth left.


It looks like Bill 257, better known as the Bloc sponsored anti-scab bill, might die. There is still plenty of time for Dion to try to pull another 'I am a leader' ploy, so I will just wait for the vote tally before I relax.

And last for tonight I must thank Mr. Pierre Bourque from Bourque Newswatch
as he linked my post on Iggy's sideshow comments on his site. I thought my sitemeter was broken when I looked at then traffic numbers, and the best part is that it didn't cost me a thing =)

* for historical reference.

Update of a few more recent items of interest to myself.

Read the comments on this post from Red Tory as a great example.

Just Right has an angry climate scientist here.

Everybody loves a good smackdown, and Officially Screwed has one up of Marlene Jennings on the receiving end again.

A supporter of Bill 257 has no clue what he is talking about. Telecommunications/ internet service has already been ruled NOT to be an essential service by the CIRB, nor has any airline that I am aware of, so the unions in these areas could easily paralyze the country on a whim and this bill would help them do just that. The bill is so one sided even the Liberals cannot support it in good conscience, and that is saying something.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Breaking Faux News!!!!!

Anteater Worldwide Media™ has learned that the self proclaimed protector of the charter, Stephane Dion, is going to announce more flip flops rights based policy very soon.

Using some of the same justifications he has already given for whipping the Liberals against extending 2 provisions from the ATA, that individual rights are always more important than safety, Mr.Dion is expected to announce the first of many policies beginning with the following obtained by AWM™ from leaked documents:

"All forms of random roadside impaired driving spot check programs will be canceled, as they are an extreme use of police powers that infringe upon the basic rights of Canadians. It is an abuse of the charter to randomly stop anyone without just cause, and even if these programs are for public safety and considered to be a reasonable infringement on charter rights by the Supreme Court, we can not risk the conservative government to have such a power."

Follow up policies are to include:

The elimination of seat belts from automobiles and aircraft that are now ruthlessly imposed on industry by draconian Transport Canada regulations.

Removal of any laws dealing with conspiracy where no crime has yet been committed. Free speech is an absolute right and just because a couple of people are drawing up or discussing plans to kill someone or even everyone, there is no reason for the State to infringe on their free speech with these type of fascist laws in the name of so called safety.

*The elimination of all type of helmet laws for not only toboggans, but also bicycles and motorcycles, and banning any law demanding the use of child safety seats. Because the beer and popcorn crowd are limiting the rights of bouncing babies everywhere to bounce freely.

*It is noted in the leaked document that while these types of laws are provincial responsibilities; that it has never stopped the Liberals in the past from getting involved, and that they are willing to use the not withstanding clause in an effort to make sure our rights are not trampled on in the name of safety.

AWM™, working for Liberals Canadians in the quest for what is good, because we said so!

John McCain announces on Letterman

I don't do much US politics here because I am a Canadian and what happens down there is not really up to me, but this is breaking so...

John McCain announces he is a candidate for President of the US