Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bob Rae wins nomination in Toronto Centre

Failed Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae won the nomination in Toronto Centre Monday night over human rights advocate Meredith Cartwright.

I wonder where Mr. Dion is going to put all those women candidates that he said he wants as candidates for the Liberals? My guess, Alberta.


Anonymous said...

In BC too. Have you not seen this?

Ontario Lad said...

I knew Dion wasn't serious about female candidates. If he were, he would run them in Ontario and Quebec instead of in Alberta and BC where he knows he's going to lose anyway,; just so he can claim that he ran them. Its pathetic.

So once more, Dion and the Liberals will not live up to their "principles". Wow, I'm so shocked.

Luke said...

I know Dion is stupid, but I don't think he's stupid enough to stack his 'loser' ridings with women. Not only will it anger female supporters, it will undermine every female candidate they have.

The message will be if you have a woman running in your riding, Dion has already written it off.

Ontario Lad said...

The Liberals have parachuted so many candidates in that they now qualify for the US Army Airborne School. Expect them to wear their patches in Parliament after the next election.