Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dion appoints Martha Hall Findlay in Willowdale

That champion of the charter, the defender of all things democratic, the upholder of social justice Stephane Dion appoints Martha Hall Findlay as the Liberal candidate in Willowdale.

No need for nominations or any of that other stuff that is synonymous with free elections, who cares if men are not allowed to apply, because Stephane is demonstrating democracy in action within the Liberal Party of Canada.


Anonymous said...

Liberals still don't believe in democracy?

RepoCreepo said...

Liberals? Democracy?

Thats a laugh.

If hes going ahead to do that for a leadership candidate, he must not have liked her chances in a nomination.

Please Stehpane...appoint a woman for Halton...Put Garth somewhere out to the pasture.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could shed light on what the Conservatives did in ottawa South before the last election.

I tend to think the Libs will have far more contested nominations than the Conservatives.

Ardvark said...

Anon #2, do you mean the Barry Turner thing where he declined to run in the nomination against Allan Cutler?

RepoCreepo said...

First of all, the CPC constitution doesnt allow the leader to appoint candidates.

The liberal party does.

There will be 308 nominations for the CPC...whether they are uncontested nominations or not... the nominations happen.

They dont happen with a strike of the leaders pen to say "thank you" to people who helped him.

Until the liberals remove that from their constitution, they are the LAST people that should speak out against anything democratic.

Hatrock said...

Nice to see Dion finally rewarding Findlay after she bled enough Kennedy sympathy votes that triggered Dion's quick rise to the top.

Aahh. Liberal karma. Works in such twisted ways.

geo said...

Fortier's 2fer would be different how? And Emerson. The people voted for whom they thought was a liberal and who crossed almost immediatly (10 days later- Harper's greatest nightmare??) to the CPC.
Seems to me that expediency is the name of the game, no matter what the name of the party.
Personally, I wish we had MHF out here in BC. We never have anyone any fun/interesting out here.