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Congratulations Kate.

Congratulations Kate on hitting 20,000,000 visitors to Small Dead Animals.


I am not sure if I was the one or it was some sort of glitch but it makes for a cool screenshot either way.

WIll Justin Trudeau defend the charter from Sen. Celine Hervieux-Payette

Quick, someone call Justin Trudeau!

Liberal Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette continues on her quest to make herself the laughingstock of Canadian politics by perusing passage of Senate Bill S-206. The bill would require Parliament to ensure that all publicly traded companies, banks, insurance companies and trust companies to have 50% of their board of directors made up of women. Nanny state nonsense, which goes against not only the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that Liberals everywhere like to pretend that they are so concerned over but also against common sense and such basic ideals such as merit based advancement, all in the name of political correctness.

Here is what she said on S-206 in June 2009: She argues that last fall's market meltdown, which has sparked a deep worldwide recession, is the result of having a relatively small coterie of men holding multiple directorships in a host of corporations.

She suggests that bad investments might have been avoided had more women been sitting on boards, bringing fresh eyes and a more independent, prudent approach to decision-making than the `old boys' club.'
I may be old fashioned but blaming the market meltdown on men sounds sort of sexist if you ask me, but being part of the old boys club by virtue of my parts, I guess my judgment may be clouded by those very same parts, so I had best leave that sexist definition up to the rest of you to decide. (that is as long as your parts are deemed acceptable)


Some related background on the esteemed Liberal Senator:

From a letter written to an American family concerned with the seal hunt: They should be more concerned with "the daily massacre of innocent people in Iraq, the execution of prisoners -- mainly blacks -- in American prisons, the massive sale of handguns to Americans, the destabilization of the entire world by the American government's aggressive foreign policy, etc." than the seal hunt.

Criticizing Alberta's Culture:  discussing statistics and how support for her bill was "off course" lower in Alberta than in Quebec because "we don't have the same culture" and went on to say in way of an explanation after being called out by host Tom Clarke "I am just telling you that maybe we (Quebec) have the appropriate way of dealing with children and education is different then hitting a child."  Not that her arrogant and clueless statement was enough she went on to laughingly say "We have some support in Alberta? That is news for me."

Filing a complaint against CTV and Bob Fife for doing their jobs, with just a bit of libel thrown in for good measure. ( "...and CTV is paid to broadcast these schemes.")

Where is Justin Trudeau and the "party of the charter" when you really need them?

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Interesting Youtube video on affirmative action.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The lyrics PM Harper added to Sweet Caroline.

As most of you know PM Harper had a little fun performing a few songs at the CPC Christmas party this year and by all indications he was a big hit; but what most don't know is that the PM added an additional verse to the Neil Diamond classic Sweet Caroline. (Listen @ approx 3:20 and though hard to see, the PM is singing to the left side of the stage where his wife, Laureen Harper, is located)

But now I open my eyes...
With every dawn that wakes me
Seeing your face I feel the sun.
 And as I take every shot life throws at me
Here by my side you are the one.
Hearts...touching hearts
Reaching out
Touching me
Touching you


Considering the amount of media attention the PM's performance garnered I am surprised that the re-written lyrics went almost unnoticed, but I guess the media had other more important things to write about.


Now the big question:

Does the PM now qualify to get a share of the iPod tax ( or the already existing, thanks to the Liberal Party of Canada, levy on all blank tapes/CD's sold in Canada) ?    =)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Globe and Mail pulls Norman Spector story on PM's marriage

Updated: This page has been a favorite link from many of the Harper hating internet groups out to find anything at all to discredit the Prime Minister with and they are more than happy to use a bullshit story to promote their hating agenda. This is the loony left in action folks, beware of ANYTHING they tell you because it, like the Spector article below, is BS.

 Original Post:

After almost every journalist covering politics called out Spector's blog entry for being BS, the Globe has decided to pull the entry because " it fell short of The Globe and Mail's editorial standards with respect to fairness, balance and accuracy."  It makes one wonder though, if this story was so far off the Globe's standards, how did it ever make it up in the first place?

Because the blog entry has itself became the story, and because it has now been removed, here it is in it's entirety:

Norman Spector

Globe and Mail Blog
Perusing the Special Holiday Edition of my morning read, I see that Laureen Harper has given her first television interview with the Prime Minister since he took office in 2006. And that we’ll all get to see her full nine minutes under the lights tomorrow night, when Lloyd Robertson and Robert Fife sit down with Mr. Harper for their annual one-hour chat on CTV.

According to The Globe article, Ms. Harper “is not shy at all...she has a wonderful sense of humour and a good political nose – but she has declined offers to sit down with journalists, preferring not to be the story. Rather, she wants the light to shine on the work of her husband and his government. …(Cynics may think that the couple agreed to the interview because an election may not be far away).”

Perhaps. But, I think that something else is at play here.

Three weeks ago, a most extraordinary paragraph appeared in a column published in the Ottawa Citizen. It read as follows:

“In Ottawa, tongues have been wagging for two years about trouble in one political marriage. One of the partners is now said to have left the nest. It hasn't made the newspapers, at least not yet.”

The column was written by Andrew Cohen—who’s not your ordinary thumb-sucker—and you would expect that it would have elicited a reaction. For one thing, Mr. Cohen is President of The Historica-Dominion Institute (, “the largest, independent organization dedicated to Canadian history, identity and citizenship.” He’s also an Associate Professor of Journalism at Carleton University—the premier school of its kind in Canada. For another thing, Mr. Cohen has a long and distinguished career as a journalist himself, including stints as a member of the Globe and Mail editorial board, and as foreign editor and foreign affairs columnist for the Financial Post. As to his political preferences, I’d simply observe from having followed his writings over the years that Mr. Cohen once worshipped at the feet of Pierre Trudeau. And that the same cannot be said of his views of Stephen Harper.

In any case, Mr. Cohen’s “tongue-wagging” column was subsequently picked up by only one other PostMedia paper, the Windsor Star—a thinner take-up than usual for his offerings. And then there was silence—at least on the record.
Perhaps the silence was due to the limited circulation of the two papers that carried the column. Or maybe it was because the reference to the troubled marriage came at the end of the column, and many readers would likely have missed it. Or, and this is my guess, the same factors that kept the rumour of a troubled marriage out of the papers for the past two years continued to be at play.

Having been in the business myself, my guess is that there was one group of readers who would not have missed the reference to the troubled political marriage: staff at the PMO—up to and including the Chief of Staff--and the Prime Minister himself. In particular, none of these readers would have missed the kicker in the paragraph: that it was only a matter of time until someone reported the rumour--with names attached.

These days, being as far away from Ottawa as one can get, it was only a few months ago that I caught wind of rumours that the first couple (to borrow an Americanism) were living separately (Mr. Harper at 24 Sussex, Ms. Harper at the Chateau Laurier). And, truth be told, I learned this startling news, dear reader, in the comment boards on this website. Intrigued, I checked out the rumour with two journalists in Ottawa. From both, I got the sense that it was likely true. And that it was not being reported because it was deemed to be a personal matter.

I found this reasoning to be a bit strange—if the PM’s marriage was in trouble, that was something that could affect his performance and lead to bizarre decisions. (Have you heard about the census being abolished?) And given the power of the office, the troubled marriage could impact all Canadians. The Prime Minister himself acknowledged this, according to the Globe report, in one of his answers in the Christmas interview:
Asked about the stresses and strains of the job on their relationship, the Prime Minister jumped in to answer:

“Well, you know, we have a strong relationship,” said Mr. Harper. “I think, to be frank about it, I mean the demands are all on Laureen. Laureen is a very giving person. Laureen allows me to concentrate as fully as I do on the job and then on other things. She doesn’t put a lot of demands on me.”

The Prime Minister said his wife’s support is one of the reasons he has been “successful in this business.”

Having worked in the PMO myself, my guess is that Mr. Harper and his advisers have been struggling for some time over the best way to put paid to the rumours of marital discord.. In the wake of Mr. Cohen’s column, wait-and-hold-your-breath was no longer an attractive option. To deny the rumors formally would be counter-productive, as it would make out of them a huge news story that the media would have no choice but to report. The option decided upon--an interview with two friendly broadcasters—was the best course of action in the circumstances--and Christmas night you’ll get to see the results for yourself. A warning to all you Stephen Harper non-fans out there, however: Unless you have a PVR, you’ll have to stick with the interview to the end to see Ms. Harper scotch the rumours as untrue—albeit indirectly.

A selection of media comments on the Spector entry as found on twitter:

Kady O'Malley: You know, sometimes when someone says there really isn't a story there, it means there really isn't a story there.

Susan Delacourt: Okay. Here it is. About those rumours. #cdnpoli Enough already.

Rob Silver: Norman Spector will be relaunching Frank magazine in January. Unfortunately he will only have year old rumors everyone has already heard.

Dan Gardner: Exactly. It would be shameful and silly in high school, which is a pretty good sign it's not responsible journalism.

Paul Wells: Why does the Globe and Mail keep Norman Spector around? I protested when Maclean's dumped him 5 years ago. But I was wrong.

More Wells: Comments disabled on Spector's Harper rant, and all comments erased. The story itself, apparently, violates no policy. 

Rosemary Barton: Oh for the record, Norman Spector is not a journalist. He's a guy who is allowed to write stuff. Big difference. Back to Holidays!

Kady again: That's right, @. If there's one thing you can count on, it's that no one ever notices when something vanishes from the internet.

and still more Paul Wells: Norman Spector stands repudiated by his publisher on grounds of professionalism. He has no choice but to apologize or resign.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Sergeant: An Alberta Politics spoof. ( and damn funny)

This has to be the funniest thing (political) I have seen in some time. Kudos to ALL involved!!

For those unfamiliar with Alberta politics.

The Cast:
Brian Mason, Leader of the NDP as the Sergeant.
Rachel Notley, NDP MLA as Corporal Notley.
Danielle Smith, Leader of the Wildrose Alliance as herself.
Paul Hinman, WRA MLA as himself
Guy Boutilier, WRA MLA (former PC MLA) as himself
Rob Anderson, WRA MLA (also a former PC MLA) as himself
Raj Sherman, Independent MLA (former PC MLA) as himself


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to everyone who has stopped by my little piece of cyberspace over this past year and here is hoping that you and yours have a great 2011.

Please enjoy my second favorite Christmas Film. (FYI: It is a Wonderful Life is #1)

From Canada's own NFB.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Justin Trudeau class(less) act

Today the 2 newest CPC MPs ( Robert Sopuck and Julian Fantino) were introduced to Parliament and as per tradition they were given a standing ovation by all MPs present.

All MPs except for Justin Trudeau that is.

Really classy Justin, real classy. Just toss aside 100's of years of Parliamentary tradition and the basic concept of respect because you are upset with Fanitno's democratic victory and decided to have a temper tantrum. Now that is LPC leadership material if I ever saw it!

Speaking of classy; here is our Justin making an ass of himself on CTVs Question Period talking over and badgering Shelly Glover who later described Trudeau's antics: “Justin is one of the worst examples of lack of decorum and lack of professionalism and lack of maturity that I have ever seen.”

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa Kinsella on Ignatieff

Warren Kinsella: I increasingly doubt that he (Ignatieff) will ever become Prime Minister. He’s trying hard, however, so one never knows. But this week’s battery of polls – with Ekos increasingly looking like the outlier – have to have him wondering why he ever left Harvard.


Thursday, December 09, 2010

CBC President Hubert Lacroix wants into your living room

..or at least on the TV in your living room.

CBC president Hubert Lacroix : "Cable and satellite firms should be mandated to carry CBC and Radio-Canada signals "

Could someone explain to me why having the state owned and taxpayer funded CBC be a must carry on satellite and cable is OK, but giving SunTV (a network yet to broadcast anything BTW)  the same must status was an affront to all that as fair and Canadian?

 Don't worry CBC, it gets better.

When you grow up and move out on your own (go private) the rest of the media will treat you with more respect.

Updated: Obvious typo in title fixed

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Stephen Harper: Rock Star!!

The PM had some fun tonight at the CPC Christmas party. ( Crushing the opposition narrative at the same time)

Set list:

"Sweet Caroline" (Neil Diamond)
"I'm on My Way" (The Proclaimers)
"The Seeker" (The Who)
"Share the Land" (The Guess Who)
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" (Rolling Stones)   (love the 'smell of sulfur' comment)


CBC:   Entire concert

Akin: Entire concert / in 5 separate videos.

"Jumpin' Jack Flash"

The audio can be downloaded here courtesy of David Akin. 

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Japan will oppose Kyoto Protocol extension.

You read that right.

"Japan won't agree to extend the Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012 even if that means isolating itself at the U.N. climate change talks next week in Cancun, Mexico, a senior Japanese negotiator said Thursday."

"Even if the issue of extending the Kyoto Protocol becomes a major item on the agenda in Cancun and Japan finds itself isolated, Japan will not agree to this."


The Japan Times.

I think Steven Taylor (HT) said it best here.