Monday, December 27, 2010

The lyrics PM Harper added to Sweet Caroline.

As most of you know PM Harper had a little fun performing a few songs at the CPC Christmas party this year and by all indications he was a big hit; but what most don't know is that the PM added an additional verse to the Neil Diamond classic Sweet Caroline. (Listen @ approx 3:20 and though hard to see, the PM is singing to the left side of the stage where his wife, Laureen Harper, is located)

But now I open my eyes...
With every dawn that wakes me
Seeing your face I feel the sun.
 And as I take every shot life throws at me
Here by my side you are the one.
Hearts...touching hearts
Reaching out
Touching me
Touching you


Considering the amount of media attention the PM's performance garnered I am surprised that the re-written lyrics went almost unnoticed, but I guess the media had other more important things to write about.


Now the big question:

Does the PM now qualify to get a share of the iPod tax ( or the already existing, thanks to the Liberal Party of Canada, levy on all blank tapes/CD's sold in Canada) ?    =)


bigcitylib said...

So your saying the PM added that verse to show folks he and the Mrs. weren't having trouble? So it was totally calculated?

Good research though, finding out he added a verse to SC.

Ardvark said...

I am not sure why he did it but it did take place BEFORE the Spector story came out.

Bec said...

It would be pretty natural for a fun family/friends 'jam session' to take a fav and rework it in order to honor your own special mate.
Or even for a birthday or Valentine's day, to surprise them with an entirely new remix that honored them.

I come from a musical family and fun jamming times with them, although rare now, always included creative special moments like that.

bertie said...

Boy you libs have to dig pretty deep and try so hard to find fault with the Prime Minister.When you start picking on his family life like Spector and start rumours, that is pretty disgusting Bigcity lib.You are as bad as spector with his BS story.

Anonymous said...

Anyone recall how the press went after Pierre and Margaret?

Not to mention Maureen McTeer, who was the first PM's wife to keep her own last name when she married Joe Clark.

If the story/gossip about Stephen and Laureen is true (and I first heard it two years ago so the chances seem better than even), she left him. So adding this new verse to Sweet Caroline could be a genuine attempt at reconciliation.

Bec said...

So Anony @5:10 pm, how do you explain their MANY, MANY, MANY loving public moments in those supposed 2 years?

How do you people explain your gossip exactly? Is the 2 years ago to current day Laureen, a body double?

" So adding this new verse to Sweet Caroline could be a genuine attempt at reconciliation"

How do you know it's new? He could have been singing it for many years for all you know.

You guys are unbelievable! What trash!

Ardvark said...

The rumours have been going on for at least 3 years, according to Susan Delacourt, but she also notes that they (The Star)have looked into them and found ZERO evidence that they are true.

I just thought it was kind of cool how he changed the words.

CanadianSense said...

It was great for our PM to use this Christmas party to share his love for music with the public and the party in attendance.

It is unfortunate those who can't hold or take a break in their hate long enough to partake in the spirit of Christmas or the joy of music.

It is must be unbearable for those who can't accept the simple gifts of life.

Thanks for update on the lyrics. I hope you are your family have a wonderful and healthy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Bigcitylib - out of the gutter - stuck in the gutter. You Liberals are sickening.

Michael St.Paul's

Anonymous said...

I don't care what anyone says; I saw PM Harper and his beautiful wife Laureen on CTV with Lloyd and Fife, and I thought it was a very nice interview. It's obvious living at 24 Sussex is stressful, but I can tell you one thing, the PM and his wife are deeply in love.

Anonymous said...

Anon @5:10 If I was a women married to Joe Who I would keep my maiden name to.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

You simply cannot fake the kind of comfortable easiness Stephen and Laureen have with each other during that interview.

It is the media fabricating wafergates all over again.

Because we all know that any "correction" always appears on Page B17 not the front page. Damage. Attempted. Done.