Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa Kinsella on Ignatieff

Warren Kinsella: I increasingly doubt that he (Ignatieff) will ever become Prime Minister. He’s trying hard, however, so one never knows. But this week’s battery of polls – with Ekos increasingly looking like the outlier – have to have him wondering why he ever left Harvard.



Wd Fyfe said...

Ignatieff isn't supposed to be Prime Minister. He's got an job and he's doing it.

Anonymous said...

When Ignatieff was recruited, he was sold a bill of goods - "Its the same Canada you left - they are hungry and primed for another Liberal saviour as a reincarnation of Trudeau". He should sue for damages and disappointed expectations. But what the hey, he will always have his made in Canada MP/Leader of the Oppositon pension. lol

Anonymous said...

If you can be sold a bill of goods you really are not tuned in to what's going on.

Ignatieff had to have more ego than good judgment to think he could swing back to Canada after three decades away and take over the leadership of a party let alone the reins of government. We have proof he's not prepared, he can't even do the job as leader of the Official Opposition.

Liz J