Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rex Murphy on Ignatieff: "I fear he is in a fantasy too deep for rescue."

Rex Murphy in today's National Post.

"And, finally, Mr. Ignatieff just doesn't seem to have the "tune" of Canadian politics yet. In one of his year-end musings he offered one of -- to my mind--the most outre observations ever on his own sense of his relation to Canadian voters: He seemed to be saying that he shares some of the appeal of Toronto conservative maverick Rob Ford. If Mr. Ignatieff seriously thinks that people look at Rob Ford and Michael Ignatieff and count up the similarities, I fear he is in a fantasy too deep for rescue."

I personally think that Ignatieff's musings are going to come to the same fate as they did when he uttered his famous "Mr. Harper your time is up" in September 2009, but who knows. That fantasy Ignatieff seems to be living in just may cause him to roll the dice sooner rather than later.


hunter said...

HA! I love it, Iggy yapping to the sheep. That's going to the guarantee real power.

Jen said...

Rex Rex Rex have you not heard yet or are you trying to show frustration on a party that fear nothing why, because the media like yourself have for decades clothed the liberal party in 'cotton wool' never having to face severe blows since the media attends to it themselves.

Ignatieff knows what his party is all about 'corrupt' which means, if any of them try to rid Ignatieff well, he will do the same to them.
Ignatieff himself will decide when it is time to step down. Besides, why bother to do so when he has the media at his disposal; to do his dirty work for him while he vacations. Would you step down when the glory of your media is at your feet?

I also think that the msm with their liberals are in a fantasy too deep for rescue.

CanadianSense said...

Do we need to start a face book club to save him if more Liberals move to dump him?

Anonymous said...

Jen, all true but don't blame Rex, although Rex should really be attacking his masters than Iggy... Mind you most of us want to keep our jobs too. Yes, without the media, Liberalism probably would be extinct in this country right now. We would likely have the conservatives vs some left wing amalgamation and choices on almost all issues would be clear and straight forward. (real conservative)