Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some light Sunday reading for your enjoyment: Persichilli on Justin Trudeau

Angelo Persichilli's article in today's the Toronto Star:

While I have great respect for the Liberal party of the past and a lot of hope for the one of the future, it’s no secret that I have many doubts about the present Liberal leadership, which is long on gimmickry and short on policies. The most recent gimmick was the involvement of Justin Trudeau in two electoral campaigns in Ontario.
I understand that Trudeau, as a Liberal, has the duty to answer when his party sends a distress call. But as an intelligent person, which I believe he is, he should understand that there are basic rules of engagement....

Read the rest at the link, and remember that many honestly believe that JT will be the savior of the Liberal Party of Canada.  I hope that brings a smile to your face this Sunday.


Anonymous said...

broken link

Ardvark said...

Fixed, thanks.

Weird how all the text can be highlighted but only half linked

CanadianSense said...

This is a problem that some Liberals can't accept. Time has changed and they have made bad policy decisions.

Many parts of their base have left for other parties.

Angelo gets it about the Liberals of the 70's-80's. That party is gone.

Anonymous said...

Still a Liberal though, he only sees his own shoes, what about the resurgence of conservatives? See he like most leftists don't see that. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau with all the pomposity and theatrics he can muster up stated

"We need people in Ottawa who want to protect the Charter of Rights, not tear it down."

I suggest to Trudeau if he is looking for people who are tearing down the Charter, Canadians will tell him, look no further than the province of Quebec .
Since 1982 English speaking Quebeckers and some French speaking Quebeckers, have had their rights denied and trampled in the use of one of the official languages of Canada (not my opinion but that of the Supreme Court of Canada) and where was Justin Trudeau in protecting the rights of those people and being an outspoken advocate for them .
When can we expect Trudeau to launch his speaking tour of Quebec in defense of the Charter and the rights of English speaking people in Quebec? Who will be the first political pundit to ask Trudeau that question since he brought the Charter into the conversation?
Is it any wonder that Canadians think he is a fraud and a hypocrite, and he is in no position to lecture anyone on the Charter, given his dismal performance and record, unless he is prepared to answer some questions as to where was he when Quebec was abusing the Charter of Rights and he didn't ride in on his white stallion to the rescue.