Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Japan will oppose Kyoto Protocol extension.

You read that right.

"Japan won't agree to extend the Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012 even if that means isolating itself at the U.N. climate change talks next week in Cancun, Mexico, a senior Japanese negotiator said Thursday."

"Even if the issue of extending the Kyoto Protocol becomes a major item on the agenda in Cancun and Japan finds itself isolated, Japan will not agree to this."


The Japan Times.

I think Steven Taylor (HT) said it best here.


Calgary Junkie said...

Ha Ha. Talk about irony--the birthplace of the Kyoto protocol, now wants nothing to do with it !

Quick, somebody put a microphone in front of Japanese Canadian, David Suzuki, so we can hear his spin on this awkward (for him) development.

Jen said...

More fossil awards not bad. It shows that the fossils are doing an excellent job supplying us with the resource need not by canadians but to other countries.
Without the fossil, we would not such rich resources.
Maybe, there should a cabinet where fossil awards can be displayed.

CONGRATULATIONS Fossils, for winning many awards.

maryT said...

Who was the actor, many years ago, who was awarded some award for the worst preformance or movie. I think it was called the Raspberry Award, and was supposed to be gold. Of course it was just an insult and there was no award. But, he went on Johnny Carson, made a big deal out of it and demanded he be presented with said award. He eventually got it, and it cost the group a lot of money. We have to be proud of the fossil awards, and they should be mentioned in member stmts in the HofC and displayed in the Parliament bldg.

Brett said...

If Japan opts out of Kyoto, won't they have to call it something else?

Anonymous said...

Guess they no longer want to be associated with stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Guessing Japan will get Fossiled.

Wonder if Dion has had a conniption fit yet?

maryT said...

Will this cause Dion to rename his dog.

CanadianSense said...

Will Miller or Charest be traveling to Cancun to pick some up for us?