Friday, January 31, 2014

Justin Trudeau abandons Alberta as he kicks out the only Alberta voices from the Liberal caucus.

On Wednesday Justin Trudeau, in what some have referred to as a 'bold' move, kicked out the only Alberta representatives, Senators Grant Mitchell and Claudette Tardiff, from the caucus of the Liberal Party of Canada. According to Trudeau: "I no longer want to have a relationship as a leader to these people, and they are no longer part of my party"
So with no elected Liberal MPs and now with no Liberal Senators, when the Liberal caucus gathers together to discuss issues or formulate policy etc, Albertans will no longer have anyone in the room to represent or speak for them.  How can this be considered a good thing to do for either the people of Alberta or the Liberal Party?

It isn't, and having no one in the caucus room to speak on behalf of 3.7 million people from a province which is considered by some to be the 'economic engine of Canada' is not 'bold', it's a half baked, short sighted, political stunt.

While we are on the topic of Alberta and the senate; something else has been bothering me about Justin Trudeau's plan and future Alberta Senators

In Alberta we vote and choose who we want to represent Alberta in the senate. If there is to be some type of panel or committee choosing who will be appointed to the senate, will they respect the choice of Albertans and select those who have been chosen in fair democratic elections?  This 'panel' of elites, choosing other elites to help govern us based on who knows what criteria, are supposed to be independent (which also means unaccountable) why would they be under any obligation to actually do so?

Could guidelines be written for the 'panel' saying that those who are elected in provincial senate elections must be the choice of this panel?  Yes, but how likely would it be for a Liberal government to write
any type of law/guidelines etc for any such panel which would be supportive of the election of Senators considering that the Liberal Party has been against senate elections for years and which they could never win because Liberal Senators can no longer exist? It seems very unlikely that they would and if respecting the choice of Albertans wouldn't be included in such rules/guidlines, what would?

What a mess. Trudeau's plan seems to be creating more questions than it does to be giving us any real answers or solutions.

Who would choose this panel? Who would make up the panel?  What powers would they have? What of the process? And as written above. What about Alberta's duly elected Senators in waiting?

Many questions. With more being asked everyday as people start see the reality of Trudeau's plan. Questions which Mr. Trudeau needs to answer. Questions which Mr. Trudeau needs to answer soon, long before the next election.

So be 'bold' Justin. Answer the questions. Canadians deserve the answers.

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