Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is there a deadline to run for the LPC leadership ?

Because if Stephane Dion becomes PM through some bizarre and lets face it undemocratic circumstances, could he drop his name into the hat?

Think about that for awhile you Iggy or Rae fans.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Could Dion successfully whip a Liberal vote?

Think about this for a minute. Does out going Liberal leader Stephane Dion have the clout to whip a confidence vote and ask Liberal MPs, including those running or supporting others who are going to run for his job and put the party in a new direction, to vote a certain way?

It makes no sense to assume that Dion has close to enough support left to pull the strings to get it done.

Why would anyone listen to him?

I think out of the 77 Liberals there could be 9 that could easily be persuaded* not to show up for such a vote.

* I never said who would be doing the persuading did I.


We need "our" money...

Opposition political parties: We need our $1.75 per vote subsidy and we are willing to spend an additional 300 million of your tax dollars for another election during a time of financial downturn to do so.

Sounds like a winning election strategy to me.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kinsella Barking at the Moon

Expect to see some howling coming to the Canadian blogosphere soon as University of Windsor law professor Richard Moon's report on the CHRC suggests section 13 be repealed.

Colour me surprised.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hidden Intelligence Update

I am sorry to say that, for this guy at least, the intelligence remains hidden or perhaps may not even exist at all.

Tired old lines from a tired old party hack who jumps on and off the bandwagon when he sees it as a benefit, not for the party, but for himself.

Pathetic yes, but a perfect fit with the ideals of the Liberal Party and his boy Iggy.


BTW, do you honestly think even WK believes it when he writes crap like this: " Message to Canadian women: if they get a majority, they plan to take away your right to choose. Period. " ?

IMHO, it says a lot about what he thinks of the intelligence of his own readership.

The case for mandatory drug testing for political pundits.

Sheila Copps writes:" OTTAWAWith the paucity of Liberal candidates and looming economic troubles, there are some Liberal insiders dreaming of a Paul Martin return to power. With a series of speeches planned to promote his recent book, the former prime minister plans to spend the next few weeks telling Canadians how to survive the world meltdown.

Some Grits think Martin's Bay Street cred is just what the country needs in uncertain times, and they are quietly exploring a "Draft Martin" movement...."

Please pee into the cup; thanks.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

April 24, 2008. Iggy goes for the LPC leadership

Just a little reminder to WK and the other Iggy supporters out there of just what your choice for leader was doing for himself back in April rather than supporting the then current leader Stephane Dion.

A sample form from The National Post Full Comment (April 25, 2008, 2:11 PM by Dan Goldbloom)

"Some 600 people attended, including more than 20 MPs and Senators from across the country. As such, it was the showiest Liberal box social since the 2006 leadership convention. To the amazement of many but the surprise of none, the man who now holds the title of leader was not present — neither in person nor in spirit. Dion's name was uttered from behind the speaker's podium only a handful of times."

peaker Alfred Apps introduced the next clip with a wry grin. "This is not an insurrection," he said, but "an exercise in pure nostalgia." What followed was the very Ignatieff promo clip shown on the convention floor in 2006: an uninterrupted stream of endorsements from politicians and campaign workers reminding us that Iggy was "the one man" who could improve Canada and take on Stephen Harper. Audacious, deliberate and engaging, it stopped only short of calling for Dion's resignation. "

With' team players' such as Ignatieff on board and perhaps as their leader, the Liberals are destined for the continued greatness they have shown in opposition.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Mike Lake, Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of Industry

Mike Lake, MP for Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont, today was sworn in as Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of Industry.

Congratulations Mike. It is not that easy to be recognized when you are an Alberta Conservative MP and this is really quite the accomplishment, and if I may say so, a well deserved one.

Ex Green Party Candidate sues GP for some green

The former Green Party of Canada candidate in Newton-North Delta, John Shavluk, is suing the party and its leader, Elizabeth May, for libel, claiming he was wrongly accused of anti-Semitism.

Read the entire story here.

Update:There is more green than meets the eye at The Province as for some reason they have included the following at the end of the above linked story on John Shavluk. (screenshot)

"Aldergrove.'fortified' barn burns to ground

A barn in Aldergrove that firefighters say was used as a marijuana grow-operation burned to the ground in an early-morning blaze yesterday.

The fire started in the electrical system of the two-storey barn that was divided into several rooms, said Langley's assistant fire chief Bruce Ferguson.

"The building was heavily fortified. Its windows were boarded up with plywood," he said. "We confirmed it was a grow-op."

It took fire trucks from three fire halls five hours to control the blaze in the 400-block 256 Street, he said.

No one was injured.

The owner of the house on the property told firefighters she rented out the barn and had no knowledge of the grow-op, said Ferguson."

Just what is The Province insinuating here?

In Mayor Miller's Utopia.

In Mayor Miller's Utopia : No plastic lids on take out coffee cups for those that want them, but a million sheets of propaganda given to those that did not ask for them.

And guess which of the above two gets paid for by the taxpayer?

Unnamed sources and spreading smear.

From the MSM who are always hot on the trail of real news we get this story in the aftermath of Barneygate.

White House sources who did not want to be identified are denying the rumour that Vice President Dick Chaney has been secretly training Barney for the last month by holding up pictures of Wolf Blitzer and poking Barney with a stick. Another anonymous source commented that Sarah Palin was supposed to do the training but declined because she did not know how to speak Scottish to Barney, a Scottish Terrier.

Hey, my story is about as credible as this nonsense, but yet this story garners 4000* stories in the MSM. (* Google search)

We really are in trouble when anonymous smears get this kind of coverage by the MSM.

When is that asteroid arriving anyway?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

A member of the Bush family gets revenge on the media

With a little over 70 days left in the Whitehouse, it is no holds barred in the battle with the media.

Watch the video. (external link here)


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It has been awhile since I have made a new blog entry..

I think I have been suffering from a bad case of campaign withdrawal and because of this it has been awhile since I have made a new blog entry; did I miss anything?


Congratulations to President Elect Obama. I wish him the best with the difficult job he has ahead of him, and a reminder that the clock starts now on when we will be seeing some of that "Change we can believe in". Good luck and nice hat!


Back to Canada and an interesting reality with our local Liberals. 'Their candidate' Obama got elected and now they can rejoice, but with it they have lost the use of the Bush/Republican card against the Conservatives and now they have to find a way to hide or at least disguise that rabid anti-Americanism that Liberals are famous for.

It will take some time but I think the glow will fall off Obama for the Liberals when the realities of what an American President has to do for his country and his roll as commander in chief becomes clear.

It will be fun watching them squirm when the hawkish side of Obama comes to light and the soon to follow Harper= Obama comparisons eventually surface, because no matter how much lefties try, they all end up with a hate on for the POTUS and Obama will be no different.