Friday, November 07, 2008

Unnamed sources and spreading smear.

From the MSM who are always hot on the trail of real news we get this story in the aftermath of Barneygate.

White House sources who did not want to be identified are denying the rumour that Vice President Dick Chaney has been secretly training Barney for the last month by holding up pictures of Wolf Blitzer and poking Barney with a stick. Another anonymous source commented that Sarah Palin was supposed to do the training but declined because she did not know how to speak Scottish to Barney, a Scottish Terrier.

Hey, my story is about as credible as this nonsense, but yet this story garners 4000* stories in the MSM. (* Google search)

We really are in trouble when anonymous smears get this kind of coverage by the MSM.

When is that asteroid arriving anyway?

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