Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is there a deadline to run for the LPC leadership ?

Because if Stephane Dion becomes PM through some bizarre and lets face it undemocratic circumstances, could he drop his name into the hat?

Think about that for awhile you Iggy or Rae fans.


Anonymous said...

Or McKenna or Manley or Tobin, or Rock or..........

wilson said...

Anon, can you really see a McKenna or Manley or Tobin or Rock sitting beside Finance Minister Layton and governing with Duceppe on his speed dial?
It's a path of no return.

Only and exDipper or Dion could stomach it.
And you know what Canadians think about either of them leading the country.

Anonymous said...

If any of those I mentioned entered the LPC leadership race and managed to win they could rightly say that they did not and will not have anything to do with the cabal and engineer a defeat. The GG would not go back to Harper to try to form a government again and the race would be on.

wilson said...

''did not and will not have anything to do with the cabal and engineer a defeat''

If the new Lib leader does not present a coalition govt greater than 143MPs, we go into an election.
You Libs are back to getting Duceppes signature on a coalition document no matter who leads your party.
squirm baby squirm,

Anonymous said...

Upon further reflection...will the NDP and Bloc get to vote for the new liberal leader ;)