Thursday, November 27, 2008

Could Dion successfully whip a Liberal vote?

Think about this for a minute. Does out going Liberal leader Stephane Dion have the clout to whip a confidence vote and ask Liberal MPs, including those running or supporting others who are going to run for his job and put the party in a new direction, to vote a certain way?

It makes no sense to assume that Dion has close to enough support left to pull the strings to get it done.

Why would anyone listen to him?

I think out of the 77 Liberals there could be 9 that could easily be persuaded* not to show up for such a vote.

* I never said who would be doing the persuading did I.



wilson said...

Oh but now Libloggers are all excited about a rumor that the LPC is going to give Dion the boot (resigns) and Iggy will be installed immediately, because apparently the execs can do that.

Then the LPC is going to join hands with the other opps, and over throw the newly elected Conservative government.

Iggy is going to be an instant Prime Minister, Dippers will get a few token cabinet seats, but they are still wondering what the Blocs price is, because the Liberals can use the Bloc but not sit beside one.

I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

supposedly Chretien's going to broker the deal (Nat'l Newswatch)

Does this have Kinsella's prints on it?

Ardvark said...

Dion does not have the pull to get the votes out of his party, nor should he really expect that from the just elected crop of Liberal MP's. They are in a process to crown the LPC chosen one and what Dion thinks does not matter.

Iggy, Rae and Leblanc do not benefit by having Dion even get a sniff of the interior @ 24 Sussex.

Ardvark said...

Wilson, the Liberals are still stabbing at Dion's carcass by perpetrating these crazy rumours. BTW, who benefits from these rumours anyways?

Dion stays until the convention period.

wilson said...

Liberals are crazy for power.
Canadians won't vote them in, so they will sleep with the separatists, what ever it takes.
pathetic eh.

Anonymous said...

But the Libs would need 22 MPs to not show up in order for the motion to pass. I don't see how that could happen without the Liberals looking incredibly weak to the point where they'd be better off just supporting it.

Ardvark said...

22 ?

VW said...

Okay, here's how the math goes:

Out of 308 seats, the Tories have 143. The others, combined, have 165.

Of the Independents, Andre Arthur tends to vote with the Tories. That ups their total to 144. (Bill Casey was an expulsion from the Tory caucus, so let's assume he votes against them.)

And the Speaker doesn't vote, except on a tie basis.

So -- that leaves 163 in Opposition. Assuming that all Tories (plus Arthur) turn up to vote on the ways & means motion, only 20 members need not to show up for the motion to pass.