Thursday, November 13, 2008

April 24, 2008. Iggy goes for the LPC leadership

Just a little reminder to WK and the other Iggy supporters out there of just what your choice for leader was doing for himself back in April rather than supporting the then current leader Stephane Dion.

A sample form from The National Post Full Comment (April 25, 2008, 2:11 PM by Dan Goldbloom)

"Some 600 people attended, including more than 20 MPs and Senators from across the country. As such, it was the showiest Liberal box social since the 2006 leadership convention. To the amazement of many but the surprise of none, the man who now holds the title of leader was not present — neither in person nor in spirit. Dion's name was uttered from behind the speaker's podium only a handful of times."

peaker Alfred Apps introduced the next clip with a wry grin. "This is not an insurrection," he said, but "an exercise in pure nostalgia." What followed was the very Ignatieff promo clip shown on the convention floor in 2006: an uninterrupted stream of endorsements from politicians and campaign workers reminding us that Iggy was "the one man" who could improve Canada and take on Stephen Harper. Audacious, deliberate and engaging, it stopped only short of calling for Dion's resignation. "

With' team players' such as Ignatieff on board and perhaps as their leader, the Liberals are destined for the continued greatness they have shown in opposition.


Anonymous said...

So if Iggy has to stoop to using Kinsella, he must be desperate to win now or never. The Clown Prince of Lies, Deception and Dirty Political Stunts is only needed when your case is weak.

He's an old fart taking on a young guy.

Archie said...

You know the Puffin Man has one goal in life and that is to sweep and hide the liberal crap. I guess Kinsella will be in charge of hiding the crap. After adscam he's a expert at it.

maryT said...

Wasn't Dion threatening an election every day back then, and wasn't it expected that he would lose. Iggy was just getting ready, but the election never came. He has been waiting in the wings for months. He will never be PM of Canada. Neither will Rae. How many leaderships do the libs have to have before they get the message. Get rid of all the old guard, elect young men and women with no baggage. As long as Goodale, McCallum, and others are there they are toast.

Ardvark said...

Iggy is not in it for anyone else but himself and is only after the glory. Kinda like his buddy Paul.