Sunday, August 31, 2008

18 Month later: Regent’s Park Mosque in London.

18 months after Channel 4’s Dispatches exposed the hate going on in some mosques in England; they went back to see if anything has changed. Here is what they found:

A WOMAN preacher has been secretly filmed spreading a hate-filled message of MURDER in Britain’s most influential mosque.

Read more here , here and here.

Does anyone think this will not be happening again 18 months from now?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Farewell Jim Stephenson, we hardly knew you.

Now you see him.

Now you don't.

The Green Party of Canada. Doing politics differently.

ht ALW

Location, Location, Location.

IMHO, you could not get a better location than this ad found on the website.

and for your viewing pleasure the latest CPC ad

Ladies and Gentlemen; the 'Party of the Charter' in action.

Currently the Liberal Party of Canada is in court trying to take away the rights of a Canadian citizen to due process before that court.

The Liberal party filed the opinion by a political scientist as part of its defence in the defamation suit Mr. Harper launched against the party over the Chuck Cadman affair. "This claim by Prime Minister Harper is an attempt by the governing party to silence the Official Loyal Opposition on a matter of significant public interest pertaining to the government of Canada," the Liberal party says in the statement of defence filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The opinion by University of Toronto professor Peter Russell states that the suit intends to "choke off parliamentary and public discussion of the issue." which the Liberal maintain is designed to muzzle legitimate criticism about his role in the Cadman affair.

The reality is that this lawsuit limits nothing. The Liberals can continue to say what ever they want as long as what they say is the truth, but if it is not the truth they have to face the legal consequences just like anyone else would.

If you slander or libel me, I can sue your ass off; that is my remedy available under Canadian law and just because the Prime Minister is the Prime Minister is no reason for Stephen Harper, the Canadian citizen, not to have the same legal and constitutional right as anyone else.

A Funny argument coming from the so-called "Party of the Charter".

ht Right As Rain.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ha Ha!!

Ha Ha!!*

Stephane Dion: "We're ready. We're well-organized and we're determined to win this election,"

Only one week before they expect to be plunged into a federal election campaign, some Liberal MPs are still hoping to make "adjustments" to the centrepiece of their party's platform -- the risky proposal to impose a carbon tax. (The Green Shift**)

Liberal agriculture critic Wayne Easter said on the carbon tax, "We need to boil that down, we need to figure what changes have to be made to accommodate the concerns that are raised." "And there are concerns. We don't deny that."

Robert Thibault, a Nova Scotia Liberal MP said: "In my mind, it's a statement of principles, it's not a recipe."

More evidence backing up Dions "ready" claim from the article:

Some Liberal insiders complain that continued infighting among factions in Quebec has turned that province into "a disaster zone" -- as one well-connected Grit called it -- for the party.

Some veteran Liberals disagree, especially when it comes to Quebec where some Liberals remain furious with Dion's Quebec lieutenant, Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette. They blame her for failing to find candidates for half the ridings in the province while blocking potentially strong candidates, such as former MPs Liza Frulla and Helene Scherre.

Yup. They are ready.

*Apologies to Nelson.
**Apologies to Jennifer Wright.

In my opinion...

In my opinion the first line of this Canadian Press news story is opinion.

OTTAWA — It will probably be a very short meeting.

NDP Leader Jack Layton has agreed to sit down with Stephen Harper on Saturday, but said he believes the prime minister has already decided to throw in the towel and call a fall election....


But whose opinion is it?

I really have no idea why the CP didn't think it important enough to include the authors name along with the authors opinion, but I am not a journalist and I am unfamiliar with their ways.

Mayor Stephen Mandel: I for one welcome our new alien overlords.

Global Edmonton News Hour August 27, 2008: In story about Mayor Mandel lining up to the Provincial Government money trough after the recent announcement of a large provincial budget surplus.

This sounds about right for our fiscally challenged mayor to be looking for more izzy money, but while watching the interview I noticed something very strange taking place behind Mayor Mandel, and it has me a bit worried.

Your eyes do not deceive you; that is a Klingon with purpose unknown mingling with some city councilors. All while the mayor distracts the media from the real story. Damn you MSM!

No matter the result of this strange alien encounter at city hall; I think that this city council will find a way to increase my taxes because of it. But don't blame me; I voted for Kodos!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dion; now hiding from his own telephone.

Stephane Dion; now hiding from his own telephone.

"It's a matter of my responsibility as prime minister to make a decision on whether I think the fall session of Parliament can be productive . . . Certainly, spending weeks and weeks playing telephone tag with guys (to set up the meetings with opposition leaders) doesn't help me confirm that things are going to be very productive." Source.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Liberal opens his mouth, and another smear comes out.

Scott Brison, Nova Scotia Liberal MP for Kings ­Hants must have figured that Mark Holland and the Liberal Party proper were having too much fun defending themselves in court over libel/defamation cases that he decided that he wanted to play along as well.

Last Thursday Brison made the following comments about
Premier Rodney MacDonald’s opposition to the federal Liberals’ green plan: source

Premier MacDonald’s opposition to green plan has been “fully bought and paid for," and in a letter to to the premier Thursday Brison accused him of be­coming “a full branch-plant op­eration of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Ottawa office."

More Brison comments from Thursday: "Rodney MacDonald is more interested in being Stephen Harper's lap dog in Nova Scotia than he is in defending the interests of Nova Scotians," "He's only trying to feather his own nest after the next election when he loses and needs a patronage appointment from Stephen Harper."

Bought and paid for? Nice choice of words there Scotty, know any good lawyers? Better get on that Blackberry.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sneak Preview of the Closing Ceremonies in Beijing.

As luck would have it; I have obtained an advance copy of the program for the closing ceremonies of the Olympic games in Beijing.

Here it is.

Official release from the Politburo of Things for the National Interest and Truth.

Once the last event (Handball) comes to a conclusion and the last medals are awarded we will go directly to the following schedule.


The closing ceremonies: Beijing National Stadium (Birds Nest) 8 PM China Standard time

Art Director: Green helmet guy

The grand parade of all things that makes us better than you.

Musical number #1: Ashley Simpson

The Athletes enter the stadium: The flag bearers of the participating delegations and the name-board-bearers enter the stadium in single file. Behind them march the athletes, without distinction of nationality. The flag bearers then form a semi-circle behind the rostrum.

The President of the IOC and the President of the OCOG mount the rostrum. To the sounds of the Greek national anthem, the Greek flag is hoisted on the flagpole that stands to the right of the central flagpole used for the winners' flags. The flag of the host country is then hoisted on the central flagpole, while its anthem is played. Finally, the flag of the host country of the next Olympic Games is hoisted on the left hand flagpole to the strains of its anthem.

The mayor of the host city(Guo Jinlong) joins the President of the IOC on the rostrum and returns to him the Olympic flag. The president of the IOC then entrusts it to the mayor of the host city of the following Olympic Games (Mayor of London, Boris Johnson). This flag must be displayed in the latter city's main municipal building.

After the address of the President of the OCOG, the President of the IOC gives the closing speech which ends with the following words:"I declare the Games of the XXIX Olympiad closed and, in accordance with tradition, I call upon the youth of the world to assemble four years from now at London to celebrate with us there the Games of the XXX Olympiad"

A fanfare then sounds; the Olympic flame is extinguished, and while the Olympic anthem is being played, the Olympic flag is slowly lowered from the flagpole and, unfurled horizontally, carried out of the arena, followed by the flag bearers. A farewell song resounds.

The farewell song: Musical number #2 to be performed by very special guests*

The athletes file out of the stadium and we immediately fire up the power plants and resume production of counterfeit products to sell to them when they return home.

Program end.

* The Politburo is well aware that this would normally be impossible, but for the greater cultural good it will be made to happen as scheduled.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The anonymous ' news staff' strikes again.

This is just too stupid not to comment on. "After a week of election speculation, senior federal Conservatives have told CTV News that an election call after Labour Day is "possible."

"Possible"? I know I did not go to a fancy school of journalism but come on, this is just ridiculous.

It is not only possible that the election call will come after Labour Day but it is a 100% sure thing. My guess is that around October of 2009 would be a good bet for the election, but I am not a journalist.

Way to go CTV news staff, but I do have a question. If this story wins some kind of award for outstanding journalism, who will be the one to pick up the prize?


McGuinty's Green Ontario

McGuinty's Green Ontario, where they do things greener and better than anyone else and where car pooling is illegal.

The province's Public Vehicles Act states, "No person shall arrange or offer to arrange transportation of passengers by means of a public vehicle operated by another person unless that other person is the holder of an operating licence authorizing that other person to perform the transportation."

Ontario, yours to discover. Just take your own car to do it.

It's back with a vengeance.

This past Wednesday Stephane Dion was in Oakville and gave us a hint about the Liberal election strategy when he said the following "The next election will be about policies, but it will also be about politics." "It will be the battle between fear and hope," Thats right folks; The Campaign of Fear™ is about to make a big comeback (Not that they have ever really stopped since the 2006 campaign), and the Liberals again hope that the voters will buy into their fear campaign.

It has already begun with Dion attempting to open up the very divisive abortion debate, and while this level of fear mongering might be expected from the Liberals based on their campaigning history; the Liberal leader sunk well into the gutter and reached an all time low when he said this: "These are the same people – Mr. Flaherty, Mr. Baird, Mr. Clement – who are responsible [for] what happened in Walkerton, who privatized [Ontario's] propane inspection, and they want to do something equivalent about food inspections,"

Yes, you read that right. Dion is attempting to lay the blame for the Walkerton tragedy and the recent propane explosion in Toronto, along with the tragic deaths associated with both events, on to the Harper Government! So much for taking the high road Stephane you ass.

Truly pathetic. That may be the lowest thing I have ever heard in Canadian politics and I am at a loss for words for the level of disgust that I feel right now for Stephane Dion. What ever level of respect I had for the man is now permanently gone, and if he figured that somehow this crap was going to rally his base for support, he is even dumber than I ever imagined possible.

Bring it on Dion; you have rallied the wrong side.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A picture says a 1000 words

But what are the words this one is trying to say?

Blogging will be light due to a busy schedule and great weather!

Friday, August 15, 2008 : Changing Headlines

I happened to read about a new poll that was released yesterday and did a little Google search trying to find a full story on it. This is what I found.

"Trouble ahead for Harper's Tories, poll suggests" That doesn't sound so good does it? But clicking in the link this is what I find at CTV.

"Tories preferred on leadership and major issues: Poll" A totally changed headline to a story about the exact same poll. Only this one seems to be indicating the complete opposite from the first one, and after reading the story I have to wonder just how the first headline ever made it's way onto the CTV .ca website in the first place.

Here is the story. Please read it for yourself, and see if you can figure out how anyone could conclude that there is trouble ahead for Harper's Tories.

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- A new poll suggests Canadians prefer Conservatives over Liberals when it comes to leadership and most major issues -- even though that preference has not translated into popular support for the governing party.

The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey suggests 43 per cent of Canadians think the Tories, with Stephen Harper at the helm, have the best leader to be prime minister.

Only 22 per cent of those polled picked the Liberals, led by Stephane Dion.

Moreover, the Tories came out well ahead of the Liberals when respondents were asked which party is best equipped to deal with the economy (40 per cent to 22 per cent), taxes (41 per cent to 20 per cent) and crime (39 per cent to 18 per cent).

They also enjoyed a smaller two- to three-point advantage over the Liberals on foreign affairs, energy and health care.

When asked generally which party cares most about the issues closest to respondents' hearts, respondents favoured the Tories 35 per cent to 32.

The survey respondents preferred the Liberals over the Tories on only two issues: the environment (36 per cent to 24) and poverty (32 per cent to 25).

That appears to reflect Dion's summer-long campaign to promote his so-called Green Shift -- a complicated climate-change plan that would impose a carbon tax on fossil fuels, offset by income- and business-tax cuts and tax benefits to the poor, elderly and rural dwellers. The plan includes measures aimed at halving the number of Canadians living in poverty.

Dion has said the green shift will be the centrepiece of the Liberals' platform for the next election campaign. But the poll results suggest he may be in danger of being seen as a one-trick pony.

"I believe that is a definite risk for Dion right now," said a Harris-Decima senior vice-president, Jeff Walker.

Although Liberals tout The Green Shift as an economic plan, as well as a plan for tackling climate change, Walker said it appears to be seen primarily as an environmental initiative thus far and that's "too narrow a definition."

"Especially in this (weakening) economy, people need to know and hear that there's some plan for the economy."

Despite the Conservatives' advantage on the economy and other issues of importance to voters, the most recent Harris-Decima survey suggests the Tories remain mired in a virtual tie with the Liberals, with 32 per cent and 33 per cent support respectively.

Walker said the Tories appear to be held back by their inability to gain support in urban and suburban Ontario and Quebec, where the Liberals seem to be the "default choice" for voters. But that could change during the course of an election campaign, which could come as early as this fall.

Leadership becomes critically important during a campaign and Harper, having led his party through two elections, is far more experienced than Dion, who is preparing for his first campaign as leader.

Moreover, Walker said the preference Canadians are showing for Conservatives on most issues is really a reflection of the greater trust they have in Harper as a leader.

"Right now Conservatives are very solid in a whole bunch of areas and that's almost a surrogate for leadership. That's why it really will come down to the campaign," he said.

The poll suggests only 14 per cent of Canadians think it's time for an election. Thirty-eight per cent think an election this fall would be "a waste of time" but a plurality -- 41 per cent -- said they can live with the prospect.

The telephone phone poll of just more than 1,000 Canadians was conducted Aug. 7-10 and has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points 19 times in 20.

For your added enjoyment; watch this clip titled for Craig Oliver's take on this latest poll and whether or not he thinks there is trouble ahead for the Tories.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trust me. I am an economist.

John McCallum, Liberal MP and LPC finance critic, was in Guelph on Tuesday trying to sell Dion's green shift to the local voters for the upcoming by-election, but like many other Liberal MP's of late, his explanation left more questions than answers.

After reading off the usual prepared party lines;
"The essence of the Green Shift is that you have higher taxes on what you burn and lower taxes on what you earn," he said. "So that you tax higher things that are bad, like pollution, and you tax lower things like your income." (is anyone else out there getting tired of hearing these same words from every Liberal who opens up their mouth about Dion's carbon tax?) McCallum goes off script adding ""the vast majority" of Canadians will find the tax breaks included in the plan will outweigh the extra costs incurred by higher energy prices." Vast majority? Just what percentage of Canadians will make up that vast majority, how has he calculated this, and more importantly who will not be included in that "vast majority"?

52%, 60%? Higher? Come on big John, give us a real number. ( hint to the press: please start to ask these types of questions. It is your damn job.) Your guess on the numbers will be as good as McCallum's because
nobody really knows for sure what the actual costs will turn out to be after the carbon tax inevitably gets passed down on to the consumer. Prices are going to raise on most everything, and unless you know just how much, you cannot make wild claims about how far these tax breaks are going to go. As for those left out of that "vast majority", no matter what the number turns out to be, logic says that they are the ones who are going to be least able to afford it such as the elderly, students, low wage earners, and all of those on fixed incomes. The plan is going to punish the poor.

McCallum, not to be out done by the many other Liberal MP's who have contradicted Dion on his green shift, had the following to say: "
the Conservative anti-carbon tax campaign is promoting "two myths" about the Green Shift -- first that it won't be revenue neutral, and the myth that the Green Shift will raise the price of gas at the pump." Directly contradicting Dion who has already grudgingly admitted that the price at the pumps is going to raise: "We know that they will pass on part of their costs to their consumers because they cannot eliminate the emissions overnight, with all the goodwill of the world. We know that."

So why should anybody trust what McCallum has to say over his leader? Well, in response to comments made by the Executive Director of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association, Peter A. Nelson, about the cost of lettuce going up to $8 a head, McCallum said "That's just crazy, totally out to lunch. And I'm an economist, so I know a little bit what I'm talking about. It doesn't make any sense."

Did the economist tell us just how much he thought the price of lettuce would go up, how much the rate of inflation would raise, or give us ANY real numbers at all about anything?

Well no, but not to worry because he is an economist after all; an economist who knows a "little bit" about what he is talking about.

Source story.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Maybe she should call the cops.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May, in Guelph for the local by-election, has accused the Liberals of "stealing".

'May cited the Liberal party's Green Shift as the foremost example of another party "stealing" a Green party idea and making it their own.'

Oh my, the Liberals "stealing". Who would have thought such a thing even possible?

I think May should do the right thing and report the matter to the police, and while she is at it, she could also report the theft of the Liberal candidate for the EDA of Central Nova. I am sure the local Liberals in Central Nova are very concerned that someone stole their chance to select and vote for a candidate of their own.

Speaking about things that should be against the law; it seems that the Liberal Party of Canada is still soliciting money in their efforts to "win back" Central Nova even though they have no intentions of running a candidate and cannot possibly "win back" the riding.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hedy Fry "Clarifies" the green shift and announces that green shift will tax gasoline.

(updated with video and a link to the transcript of the interview with an additional audio source.)

It is no great surprise that the Liberals are having a difficult time trying to sell their carbon tax to Canadians. Almost daily we find examples of Liberals confusing people with the details or just contradicting each other and their leader on the plan. With that in mind Liberal MP Hedy Fry was on with Dave Rutherford last Tuesday to talk about Dion's carbon tax and to help clarify some of the confusion about the green shift for Canadians.

Wow, Hedy clarified alright, but I am not sure that Stephane Dion and the rest of the Liberals will agree with her definition of clarity after some of the wild claims she made that directly contradict what those others have been saying about the green shift.

And what did Hedy clarify for us?: Fry= blue. Dave Rutherford = brown. My comments in black

The green shift WILL tax gasoline. Yes you did read that right; Hedy says that the carbon tax will be on gasoline. I guess she missed the memo.

"We're taxing wholesale." ("wholesale what? Wholesale Gasoline?") "Yes, wholesale gasoline, diesel, coal, ah not simply natural gas, but gas, diesel, coal, propane, all of those things will be (taxed) at the wholesale level".
Later she clarifies that the wholesale level is going to mean that the tax will be applied at the refinery, but not to worry because it is not going to be added on at the pumps. "But it is not taxing you when you go to fill up your tank as well. It is not taxing the farmer when he goes to get diesel for his tractor. It is not doing that." and ""It is not coming out of your pockets. It is coming out of the wholesale level pocket."

Hmm, didn't Ralph Goodale state that 2/3 of the fuels produced in Saskatchewan and Alberta would not be taxed because it will end up being burned out of the country and not in Canada? Like all great Liberals Hedy clarifies for us just what Goodale meant to say; and in the process contradicts her interpretation of what Goodale said in mid sentence. "What he is trying to say is that it is not going to be passed on to the person who is buying gas at the retail level, and but we do know that it will in fact increase costs." Huh?

Ah the clarity! I feel so much better now, as I am sure Ralph Goodale does too considering how Hedy clarified his remarks for him in such a stellar way. Got that? Ralph was wrong on the carbon tax being imposed at the refinery level, and also wrong about the costs not being passed on to the consumer at the pumps because the green shift will increase costs. "You are admitting though that a wholesale level increase will translate into retail prices that are higher for food, for power, for fuel, for everything right?" "Absolutely". She goes on later to again confirm that costs will be higher because of the green shift for both fuel and food. "So that is going to again help them because the cost of food is going up, because of fuel costs" and "When you truck stuff from a to b people pay for it at the supermarket level" It would seem that these comments contradict some of her others about the cost of the carbon tax not coming out of our pockets, but why nit pick.

Wait, Hedy isn't finished with the breaking news announcements just yet.

Did you know that:

The green shift will not be providing tax breaks as previously stated by everyone else who has spoken on this so far, but rather Hedy announced the news that the Liberals will be issuing cheques to Canadians instead. "Wait a second. You are going to give Canadians cheques? "Yes". and later confirming this again when questioned by Rutherford about the cheques; "This is new. Hedy you are going to be giving cheques to people. I did not know this". "Yes"

Oil was $200 a barrel on August 5th: "Look let me tell you, I mean 25(?) uh 200 dollar a barrel of oil".

Those living in the North will be getting an additional tax break of $2000. "The northern allowance for the very cold regions of Canada are going to get an increased northern allowance of about $2000 dollars to help them with heating." Interesting; the green shift policy book states that the northern allowance will go up "to a new maximum of $7,000 per year from just over $6,000" which translates to an immediate tax savings of nearly $150 per year and over $200 per year within four years for those who fully benefit from the NRD." More Liberal math I guess.

The Liberals are going to keep the Conservative $100/month Child Care benefit? Hedy confirms this for all in the following: "All families, meaning with children. who actually it doesn't matter what your tax rate is will be for instance getting a boost of about $250 dollars a year on top of the child benefits that are already there for them."

Clarity, thy name is Hedy.

You can listen to this for yourself at QR77. (audio vault Tuesday Aug 5th 2008 @ 930am) note the file will only be available for a limited time.

Update: Steve Jenke has a transcript and a audio copy of the interview here.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Martha Hall Findlay has forsaken me!

Oh what a sad day it is at the old anthill today as I have just found out that Steve Janke over at Angry in the Great White North received an email from Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay in regards to comments she had made about Dion's carbon tax, and which Steve posted about here.
The very same comments that had I quoted in my post here a full 2 days before Steve made his post on his blog which contained a link to my original post.

FYI here is the MHF quote: "Findlay said it's impossible to calculate the emission reduction numbers at this point, "because energy prices have gone up so much, we don't know how the shift will affect consumption," she said."

Martha, why have you forsaken me for Janke? Am I not 'angry' enough to deserve an email from you, or perhaps is it because you prefer beavers who wear cute little toques over aardvarks?

I must know the truth. Why Martha, why?


Update: Steve Janke linked to this post as his comments on the MHF email have been closed off. Feel free to add anything to the comments here.

Here is the email: My comments in bold

Assuming that you strive for accuracy, (If there was something inaccurate about the quote used, please let us know.)I have the following clarifications to make to one of your recent posts. You referred to comments on the Green Shift I made at an event, where I was discussing the impact of the Green Shift on the environment.

Adding a carbon tax to the burning of fossil fuels will, absolutely, have the effect of reducing emissions; I have never said otherwise. (Yes, but you have no idea how much, or even if the carbon tax will have any more affect than what the market is already doing. We do live in a northern climate and we do need to heat our homes and use electricity, so no matter how high those costs go Canadians are still going to have to use fossil fuels.)It has been demonstrated repeatedly, around the world, that adding to market forces is the most effective way to affect behaviour. ( Care to cite some examples of this with regards to CO2 emissions?) Those of us old enough remember significant fuel-reduction behaviour due to the 1970s oil crisis. ( That was the market that did this and not some feel good government policy disguised as an environment plan.)

There will be reductions in emissions from the Green Shift because we know that people will change their consumption patterns if polluting behaviours cost more. This is already occurring, to some extent, due to other factors in today’s market – namely rapidly increased oil prices. (I am glad you can see this is already occurring already because of the market. So why do you see the need to punish the poor even more by adding on more costs to them, by way of the Liberal proposed carbon tax?)The Green Shift, by adding a price on the burning of other carbon dioxide emitters, – coal is a prime and very polluting example – will reduce emissions even more. (Are you suggesting that the big coal users, like power plants, are going to burn less coal because it is going to cost them more, rather than just passing those added costs on to the consumer?)

My point is that both increased market oil prices and the imposition of a price on the burning of other fossil fuels, when working together, will reduce green-house gas emissions even further. It will, however, be difficult to determine the exact proportions of the reduction attributable to each. ( Thank you for confirming your original quote that you do not know how the carbon tax will affect consumption. And for accuracy's sake, that was the point that myself and Steve Janke made with our blog posts.)

Reducing emissions, helping people deal with immediate energy costs through significant income tax cuts, and encouraging investment in green technology and renewable energy sources, all at the same time – it sure sounds pretty good to me. (Yes it does sound good, but are you now making the promise that those tax cuts we get back are going to cover ALL of the increased costs brought on by the green shift?)

(I didn't think so. Because like emission reductions, you have no idea just what those costs are going to really be.)

Finally, a picky point perhaps, but for future reference, my last name is Hall Findlay, not just Findlay. (You are going to have to talk to Steve about that one, but as Jen pointed out in the comments; the next time you mention the PM please be sure to refer to him as Prime Minister Harper and not just Harper.)

Thank you.

Martha Hall Findlay
Member of Parliament / Députée
Associate Finance Critic / porte-parole associée en matière de finances

Monday, August 04, 2008

Anxiously Awaiting the Liberal Press Release Condemning Obama

Is anyone else anxiously awaiting the Liberal Party of Canada press release condemning Barrack Obama's proposed gasoline rebate of $1000 dollars per family?

I will be out for most of the day, but if anyone happens to see Dion and the Liberals condemnation of this $1000 gasoline rebate that will encourage Americans to consume even more gasoline and produce more CO2, please post a link in the comments.

Thank you in advance.


For your viewing pleasure Paris Hilton proposes her own energy plan.

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

Grenade Attack on police station in China kills 16

Terrorist attack in China.

AFP Sixteen policemen in China's Muslim-majority northwest were killed on Monday in a suspected terrorist attack, state media said, raising security fears four days before the Beijing Olympics.

Still waiting for someone from the left to blame Bush.