Friday, July 18, 2008

Bob Rae confirms that Dion's carbon tax is not an environment policy.

Bob Rae doing his best Ken Boshcoff impersonation: "Mr. Rae said the plan makes the tax system more progressive and could reduce poverty by 30 per cent and child poverty by 50 per cent with a child tax credit."

There you have it again folks; the green shift is not an environment plan but rather just a tax grab to pay for another in a long line of failed Liberal social programs.

I wonder what Garth Turner will have to say now since it was only a few days ago that Liberal MP Ken Boshcoff faced a firestorm of criticism when he let the cat out of the bag with his now famous statement, The ‘shift’ will transfer wealth from rich to poor, from the oil patch to the rest of the country, and from the coffers of big business to the pockets of low-income Canadians." This admission was vehemently denied by Garth Turner who had the audacity to try to translate what Mr. Boshcoff really meant to say and claim to us all "the goal of the Dion plan, which is to tackle climate change, not to redistribute wealth".

What a mess these guys are. One Liberal MP tells the truth about the carbon tax, whether he intended to or not is another question, another Liberal MP jumps in to spin and translate what the first guy meant, and now a third Liberal MP confirms as correct what the first MP said and in the process discredits the second MP and exposes his Liberal spin.

With friends like these....


Alberta Girl said...

Soooooo didn't the liberals wail away about the Tories Child Tax Credit that it would do nothing to help the poor?

I guess if the Liberals do it, it's different???????

I am beginning to see that the Green Shaft is NOT an environmental policy, but an election package aimed at lower income Canada.

hunter said...

The Green Shaft is about wealth redistribution, period.

Anonymous said...

The Greed Shaft is theft and bribery, theft from the west to bribe the east to elect a dis-functional party, calling it wealth re-distribution almost makes it sound humane, it's not.
If the Conservatives win the next election with a majority Canada will be a better country for it, If the Libranos win with even a minority we will have two Canadas, the west will not be fleeced again.

frmgrl said...

One by one the Libranos are spilling the beans. They're just proving PM Harper right that this so called plan will "Screw the west and screw us all."

Calgary Junkie said...

What this shows me is that the Liberals are not very good at advocating and explaining their own policies. It will get much worse for them during an election campaign, when there is more focus by voters on what they are saying. And of course the Tory war room will be poised to pounce on every contradiction between Dion and his MPs.

The bottom line is that Dion, on every leadership trait--raising money, recruiting candidates, making policy, uniting the party, and more--is mediocre to downright disastrous.

What the heck is he good at ???

wilson said...

Libs believed their own scaremongering that a reduction in the GST would clean out the fed cupboard of cash.

So they came up with a tax, riding the enviro train, to beat out Cons to the 'tax cut/credit' and Dippers to the 'anti-poverty' punch.

They got beat at the game by 'high world fuel prices'.
The fed cupboards are full, as a result.
The Cons have also been slowly cutting government fat.

The Cons are likely in the position to offer both tax relief and an increase in the child tax credit...
without a carbon tax,
without creating a unity battle in Canada.

Calgary Junkie said...

"The Cons are likely in the position to offer both tax relief and an increase in the child tax credit ... without a carbon tax,
without creating a unity battle in Canada."

There was pressure on Dion (eg from Liberal pollster Michael Marzolini) to come out with more policies, and so he did. But one of the huge downsides,as Wilson infers, is that Dion has now put his cards on the table. And Harper has the time, resources and additional information to put out a counter-proposal at the most opportune time.

This all reminds me of the 2000 election campaign, when the Canadian Alliance put out their whole platform right away. Paul Martin, then Finance Minister, used the beauracrats within the Dept of Finance to analyze and provide criticisms of the CA platform. A very effective Liberal dirty trick.

Harper learned valuable lessons from Day's mistake, and so released his 2006 platform in bits and pieces. Harper will probably also use federal beauracrats to analyze theGreenshift.

I seem to recall Harper did that to analyze the Libs proposed changes to the Income Trust rules. John McCallum was screaming bloody murder over that.