Friday, July 04, 2008

We are from the Alberta Government....

We are from the Alberta Government, and we are here to help you.

So it goes lately in Alberta as the Liberal Stelmach Government feels that we are not capable of looking after ourselves so they are now going to do it for us by law.

Today the Stelmach Government announced that they are going to be taking away the rights of a certain group of private business owners to price their own wares in their own establishments.

"The Alberta government announced Thursday it will introduce minimum drink prices...."

How very Stalinesque Eddy. Don't bother enforcing existing laws dealing with alcohol sales, public drunkenness, or rowdy and violent behavior; just take away the rights of business owners because that is easier than really dealing with the situation at hand. Taking away anyone's rights should never be the first option Mr Premier, but looking at how you are ignoring the abuses at the AHRC, why am I not surprised by this.

Speaking of the government helping us out by legislation, I noticed that sellers of tobacco products now have to shell out cash to buy new displays that hide the product from our view. Well thanks again Ed, I didn't know smokes were bad for me and now that I cannot see them I will not be tempted to buy them. What would I ever do without you.

The same however may not be correct when we are talking about kids though. I may be wrong but it seems that the harder you try to keep something from kids the more that they seem to want it. Think about it; there are many examples from something simple as staying up late like the adults do, or wanting to drive, to the more off limits 'adult only' stuff like sex, and booze. By making it even more taboo you may just enhance that already curious teen to see what all of the fuss is about with these smokes that he is now forbidden to see. I might be way off base here but the existing laws did not seem to stop kids from smoking if they wanted to and I cannot see how this will help.

h/t Right from Alberta


Calgary Junkie said...

Stelmach obviously figures he can get away with this kind of stuff because he has no opposition on his right. It's the same kind of arrogance displayed by Campbell with his carbon tax.

But it's a mistake to ignore your base, even if the political environment is currently very forgiving. There is now that much more motivation for the Wildrose Alliance Party to build itself up.
A high profile leader is an absolute necessity for them. Stelmach can't be trusted to do anything "right".

Anonymous said...

Stelmach and the PCs routinely kick their base in the knackers and they still vote PC.

In Alberta, conservative really is liberal. That is why liberals are having the last laugh.

Reid said...

Things like this cause me to worry. I worry how Stelmack will react if Dion ever formed government and tried to Green Shaft Alberta. I worry if Stelmack has the balls to stand up for Alberta. Because it's $hit like this that leads me to believe he's got glass balls and will roll over for Ottawa.

gpconservative said...

Funny thing is this was actually ripped right out of the Alberta Liberal platform.

Just another confirmation that I made the right decision in joining the Wildrose Alliance and working for them in the last election.

I like Paul Hinman, but man do I wish Ted Morton would cross over to the WAP.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this little story will help Mr. Ed relate or better understand what is wrong with this way of doing things.

A farmer was having trouble with some coyotes attacking his swine. So he decided that instead of fixing his fence or letting loose his dogs he would solve the problem in a different way.

He killed all of the pigs himself so the coyotes would no longer attack. Problem solved.

Or at least he thought the problem was solved, but do you know what?

Now those very same coyotes are eating all of his chickens.

Werner said...

Reid, Stelmach doesn't have any balls, period, and he won't be able to stand up to Ottawa.

I think everything happens for a reason. Alberta needs to get shafted by Ottawa (= Liberals and that includes Harper as well) again for things to really improve around here, and with Albertan voters waking up and effecting real change.

Strong and free, keep those words in mind, folks.