Wednesday, July 09, 2008

3 from the news.

Lots going on and not enough free time to hit everything in separate posts, but here are a few things of note.

Stelmach commits 4 billion dollars to make Alberta #1 in the battle for CO2 reduction. Commit; now there is a word you can't get Dion to say very often when he is talking about his inflation causing carbon tax. Hunter has the story up here.

The G8 wraps up and it looks like Russia and the US have for the very first time committed to the reduction of CO2. The moonbats will howl because for them there can never be enough, but anyone with a mind knows that if the goal is real reductions in CO2 than the US, Russia, China and India HAVE to be on board. If the real goal is not CO2 reductions but rather punishing Canadians and destroying our economy to redistribute wealth, vote Liberal.

More from Alberta as 8 of the highest paid public health executives get the axe. Normally when you here of layoffs in the health care system it is the nurses or other front line workers who are the ones getting cut, you know the ones that actually do the job of patient care, so you can expect no negative impact from this announcement. In fact you might even see the opposite as moral among the front line staff increases. Trust me, the system is full of very costly dead wood.

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