Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PM Harper Bring him home now.

Enough is enough; it is time that the government of Canada did the right thing and repatriated a Canadian citizen currently being oppressed in a foreign jail. We have all seen his videos and we know the truth.

I don't care if he allegedly committed his crime in the US and that some of you feel that he should be tried and held to those barbaric US laws. As a Canadian he deserves the protection of the Charter. The corrupt legal system of the US is well known and I doubt, with all the expected publicity that is sure to follow, that he will be able to receive a fair trial under such a system. He is Canadian who has rights, and we as a society have a moral obligation to do the right thing no matter who they are.

Mr. Harper please put a stop to this travesty of justice and do the right thing.

Bring Steven Page home now!

Update: (Developing) According to my sources Paula Todd and Dan McTeague have both been seen heading towards the home of Steven Page's mother with camera crews in tow.


rations said...

Ya got me. After reading the headline I thought I was on the G&M website. My comment to them was do they think that it is as easy as Harper asking Bush to let Khadr go and bam he's back at the local mall?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

lol!!! Great post.

I was going to tell you to check out the Sun poll today.


Anonymous said...

PM Harper stay out of it seems to be what most Canadians want.Some 6 year old tape of a crying teen is typical of someone who knows their in deep shit for what they did.he average Canadian (not Liberals &NDP) can see that the tears are fake and what do you expect from someone who,s going to be sentenced to some serious jail time.What in hell was he doing over there if he is Canadian.What was he doing in the middle of a war.More of the Canadian of convenience crap.Commit crimes in another country and expect Canada to come to the rescue.Canada has too many Canadians of convenience and it starts with the Kadr family.

Billy Jack said...

Whew! You had me going there for a while...

Brian said...

It is rather funny , but last night Khadr's mother or sister was interviewed on CP24 wailing about her poor son's treatment. There she was in a white burka with sunglasses I think ... hard to tell it it was a man woman or space alien under the garb ... !

Anyway my wife GASPS ... "WHO IS THAT ! ".

My point being , if Khadr (whoever in the burka) expects to get sympathy from Joe or Jane Canadian in that garb , spouting that crap , they need a lesson in PR techniques.

That interview on CP24 probably did poor little Khadr a lot more harm than good in public opinion.

... but such is toxic multiculturalism where the Khadr family spits on Canada , Canadian values yet uses Canada as a refuge to conduct terrorist activities.

My personal view is that ANYONE who comes to this country and is actively supporting terrorists should have the citizenship revoked and be deported back from whence they came.

Anonymous said...

Canadians will not believe these extremely left-wing, disingenuous lawyers who sympathize with this savage, radical, un-salvageable terrorist, presumably and hopefully only for their own monetary interest?

How can the three anti-American, far-left opposition leaders, and their extreme, left-wing cohorts at the terrorists friendly, bias CBC, not concede that Khadr is an unapologetic, veteran, radical, stanch, un-salvageable terrorists, and therefore a momentous threat to all Canadians including our grandparents and children? CBC's wack-job, terrorist’s sympathizers, who hate Americans, decline to acknowledge that he was captured trying to terrorize Iraqis and their American liberators.

Surely the PM will oppose any and all pressures to bring this savage, animalistic terrorist home. There is little doubt that some affirmative action, liberal Canadian judge would find an excuse to release this scum, and would set him free to follow-up on his terrorist’s career just like many of the other released terrorists have done.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I now know who Steven Page is...

Another 'celebrity' caught doing something stupid...
move on

roblaw said...

HAHAHA.. I was almost going to rip you one.. and then noted the last line. I would say that I would have infinitely more sympathy for Stephen Page than Khadr.

And what the hell is the deal with people "desperate" to come to Canada, arriving here, obtaining citizenship, and then going home or elsewhere?

What makes me ill is that, unless they give him the chair, the little psycho is going to have to be deported to Canada.. there should be provision in our immigration law that involvment in terrorist activity allows us to revoke citizenship - not only of the individual, but their whole immediate family.

Enid said...

Even though I never really knew Steven anyway, we need to get him home.