Friday, July 11, 2008

Truth in Liberal Advertising.

Boom! The words of Liberal MP Ken Boshcoff:

"The Liberal Party’s Green Shift announced on June 19th marked the most aggressive anti-poverty program in 40 years. The ‘shift’ will transfer wealth from rich to poor, from the oil patch to the rest of the country, and from the coffers of big business to the pockets of low-income Canadians."

The Green Shift is not an environment plan.


Boom! The words of Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay

"Findlay said it's impossible to calculate the emission reduction numbers at this point, "because energy prices have gone up so much, we don't know how the shift will affect consumption," she said."

And even if it was an environment plan; the Liberals have no idea if it will even work.

Finally some truth in Liberal advertising! I wonder if the dynamic duo authorized those comments?

It has been a little over 3 weeks since the big roll out of Dion's carbon tax and it is becoming more and more difficult for the Liberals to 'sell it' to Canadians. Most are already not buying it and it is only going to get worse from here on out for Dion's plan as the numbers start rolling in that will show the taxpayer just how much this little scheme is actually going to cost them, and how much damage it will do to the Canadian economy.

What will the Liberals be saying a few weeks from now? I think the following taken from this article and attributed Martha Hall Findlay, will be fairly close.

"Findlay, who is also the associate finance critic, commended Dion for putting himself so fully on the line with the sink or swim 'Green Shift' plan."

Update: Garth rides to the rescue and interprets for us stupid Canadians what Ken Boshcoff's words really meant. No interpretation of Findlay's comments yet, but remember spin takes time and even more so when trying to defend a poor plan.


Jen said...

what intrigues me is the way the liberals show concern or uses the term poor and poverty. Isn't that a slap to the poor themselves to be used by the liberals for more votes. The poor have more dignity and self-respect than any of the liberals put together.
The liberals for years showed no concern for the poor in fact they stole from the poor,middle income provinces military you name it. and strangely enough but very sad the MSM don't give rat's ass whether the stolen monies are returned or not. Too busy protecting Terrorist OMAR KHADR than canadians who were stolen from by the liberals for their own personal use..
The GREEN SHIFT name has yet to be changed and the only person who will loose business is Jennifer Wright, she has no media to protect her or act on her behalf; instead, guess where the MSM are focusing right now. OMAR KHADR.

Ardvark said...

The really sad thing is about the green shift is that it will hit the 'poor' the hardest. The $400 they may get back the tax cuts will not even come close to the extra green shift induced costs that they will have to pay.