Sunday, July 06, 2008

Garth keeps making Dion look foolish.

Not only did Garth make Dion look like a fool with his original comments, he did it again when he turned Dion into a liar by not apologizing to anyone in Alberta or Quebec as Dion had already stated to the press that Garth had done.

Way to go Garth! I hope you have Elizabeth May on speed dial.

For the record:

Garth's comments: "You might not agree with everything he says, but you have to admire this about him. He stood up once to the self-aggrandizing, hostile, me-first, greedy, macho, selfish and balkanizing separatist losers in Quebec. I guess he can do it again in Alberta. "
"Not there are any similarities."
"Quebec or Alberta, saparatists are losers, ten times out of ten."

Dion's comments: "He retracted and it's not something we want to do. We want to have a respectful debate." source and "It's unacceptable, we don't discuss this way. He said he was sorry, he said what he had an obligation to after what he said." source

Garth's non apology:

So, why should I even try to justify my words? My attempt to show the Liberal leader has the stones to face down those who think of themselves first, and the country second – no matter where they hail from – succeeded only in making his task more difficult. That was not my intention. Nor do I have anything but respect for my fellow citizens in Quebec and Alberta.

But there’s no way I, as a federal member of the Canadian House of Commons, am going to lay down before people who openly advocate ripping the country apart. Moan all you want about money, or lament those who don’t share your culture or language. But don’t expect me to roll.

And for fun this little excerpt: (note he leaves out the words "separatist losers in Quebec. I guess he can do it again in Alberta" in this version) "The issue is a single sentence in my last post in which I drew comparisons between those who wish to separate from Canada, whether they live in Quebec or Alberta. I called such separatists, who put regional and self-interest ahead of the national cause, “self-aggrandizing, hostile, me-first, greedy, macho, selfish and balkanizing.”

Hey Garth, you put a quote around the period following the word balkanizing. You would almost think that was done on purpose to deceive, but you would never try to hide the truth from Canadians would you Garth?


NB Tory Lady said...

Methinks Mr. Garth that we should take away your keyboard for a while and let you regroup. Think things but do not type them...hmmm--
It is also time to decide (just as it was when you were a Conservative MP) I an MP or am I a blogger/journalist.. which do I like the most...hmmmm.
Walk up those 12-steps Garth and regroup.

Ron said...

Dion either lied to the press or Garth is disobeying the leader -- either way it just isn't news; after reading both Borque and National Newswatch blogs, there isn't a single story about it - MSM must be covering for the Liberals again - and that certainly isn't news.

Ardvark said...

I wonder if Dion even knows that Garth has not yet "retracted" anything from his blog?

I doubt he reads it, so unless some flunky tells him he might just be in the dark on this. But whether he knows or not, Dion should be pretty pissed off that Garth has turned Dion's words from Friday into lies and made him look spineless.

We shall see how Dion responds.