Thursday, July 10, 2008

Garth Gets called out

Hey Garth, Jennifer Wright has something to say to you.

The offending Blog post posted June 23 2008. You can see that the Liberals are still trying to use the same spin today as Garth did back in June. Aside from the smear against Ms. Wright, the following part of Garth's post looks to be very interesting and I am sure her lawyers have it all typed up waiting for the court date.

"Actually, here’s the story: Over the months that we worked on this concept of tax shifting, various names were used for the project, the “Green Shift” being decided upon relatively late in the process. Once that happened, a lot of branding quickly took place. One obvious key element was the URL.Within minutes, the existing site was located, and a strategy discussed for dealing with the commercial company operating it. They would be contacted in advance (which happened)."

Let's see if I have this correct. The Liberals were fully aware that a private company was using the name and the "strategy' worked out was to just call them? (which they did on the night before the plan was rolled out, but after it was all printed up and ready to go) How about checking if anyone owned a trade mark you fools? Did any of the superior minds in that meeting even think of that? Obviously not. Please take a look at this other quote of interest regarding knowledge and timing: Joseph Mayer, the Liberal Party's director of communications, said that although the party realized prior to the plan's launch there was another entity with the Green Shift name he believes "it was too close to shift back."

Got that. It was too late to change the name once the Liberals had found out!

The PR on this is terrible. Maybe someone should have explained to Dion that having a major political party being sued for trademark infringement is not good public relations before having him go out in public and call this woman's defense of her trademark(required by law FYI) as deplorable. Bullying and trying to smear woman entrepreneurs is textbook stupid on so many levels it makes you wonder just who is running the show over there. She told them no when they called, she even sent them a cease and desist order, but the arrogance of the Liberals know no bounds and now she is forced to sue. Maybe the LPC woman's caucus can discuss such examples of courage and leadership at their next meeting. Not Dion's, Jennifer Wright's.

Dion is already failing badly in selling his carbon tax plan to the country, and he is still in the honeymoon period as the real costing to the taxpayer has not yet been completed and exposed to the public. Once that happens his carbon tax will be history, and so will he. It is getting so bad that Dion's own party are leaving him to dangle in the wind on the "tax formally known as green shift". Has anyone seen much of those normally high profile Liberal MP's out there shilling this plan?

Even those that are supposed to be on point for Dion on this are doing him more harm than good by lighting more and more fires. The Garth Turner & David McGuinty show has been a total disaster and if it was Dion who hand picked these 2 to run point on this for him; he deserves all of the consequences that such a poor leadership decision brings.


Babylonian777 said...

lol, smoking out the foxes from the fox holes.

Johnathon said...

When are we Conservatives going to demand a full public inquiry seeing how Chretien and Martin knew about Omar Khadr being tortured, yet did nothing to stop it?

Surecure said...

What I find hilarious is that Garth says they were going to contact the company in advance. According to Ms. Wright, Green Shift was contacted the night before the launch. Not even during the day before, but literally the night before.

Yeah... there's just so much sincerity coming from the Liberals. Obviously, Goliath (the Liberal Party) doesn't care about David (Green Shift) because the concerns of the "natural governing party" supersede all other concerns.

tori said...

garth got slapped but GOOD!!!

Anonymous said...

"Stephane Dion is not a leader"

Who can say that Conservative attack add is not true anymore?

How about:
"Soldiers. In our streets. With guns. (And the whopper): Were not making this up"

Yo Steve: Where are those soldiers Paul Martin promised us?


Grind a Grit

Ardvark said...

The Liberals are pathetic. The latest in their series of baseless attacks on this woman include that this is all part of some kind of conservative conspiracy, her lawyer once worked for the conservatives, and that because she held a press conference, it is just one big PR stunt.

None of which is relevant to the legal case, but displays quite nicely how the Liberals operate. Don't base anything on facts, just smear and pull out the smoke and mirrors to try to confuse people.
Oh and I forgot, claim that they are the victims, and that they always take the high road because they are Liberals.

hunter said...

McGuinty in an interview with CTV was trying to pin it on the NDP. He was saying he had heard it somewhere that she had something to do with the NDP last election campaign. What a DOLT!

She had stated that very clearly in the press conference, but there was McGuinty trying to make seem like some deep dark secret he had uncovered.

I guess that's why they never put that video clip up on their website, they knew he looked like a fool! Gave a very good hint of how the Liberals are going to try and smear their way out of this one. Who cares who she votes for?

Anonymous said...

Johnathon said...
When are we Conservatives going to demand a full public inquiry seeing how Chretien and Martin knew about Omar Khadr being tortured, yet did nothing to stop it?
Well Johnathan Conservatives will,
in the meantime let's leave Omar to the liberals to be dealt with.

On 60minutes about Omar. His younger brother told 60minutes that when Omar is released he plans to take revenge on the americans.
And on CTV the virdict they ran the 60minutes piece on Omar, hears what the virdict didn't show was Omar's threat.
So tell me why should the conservatives take the responsiblility for the liberals own neglect. They are a bunch of cowards hiding behind the curtails of their MSM. Pathetic.