Monday, July 07, 2008

That Was Then This is Now.

(cue host) Hello, and welcome once again to That Was Then This is now. The show where we look at the Liberal Party of Canada and their much varied positions over the years.

You may remember past episodes such as our top rated show on the GST.

Then: Abolish "We have put in writing that the GST will not be there and will be replaced by a system that will be a better one." Jean Cretien

Now: Increase "We will consider if in our plan we need to revisit the decision of the government about the GST. We'll consider it." Stephane Dion

Ha, ha, ha, it was one of our favorite shows as well, but tonight this episode will deal with a topic on many of your minds lately; the environment.

Who here can remember back just a short time ago to December 2007 in Bali?

Well, that was..

Then: Liberals of all shapes and sizes as well as various other lefties were screaming at the top of their lungs that Canada's position in Bali, to get China and India to commit to reducing CO2, was wrong & would be hardship on those "developing" countries.

This is Now: Punishing China, India, and all of the other developing countries with a carbon tariff on their goods. "We will build carbon pricing into our strategy for international trade, endeavouring where possible to ensure that goods from countries that are not pricing carbon will face a tariff reflective of carbon content."

I guess that this confirms that Mr.Bairds position, that China and India must be on board for any meaningful reductions to happen, was right from the beginning. I wonder how China now feels after their Bali buddy Dion went out of his way to let them off of the hook of carbon reductions and now sideswipes them with a punishing tariff for not having a plan for those very same reductions. I hope they don't get mad.

Still on the environment we have this little contradiction in logic for you.

Then: Liberals claiming that the conservative $100/month per child universal child care benefit would not do anything to help with childcare and the money would be wasted.

Some quotes: "Don't give people $25 a day to blow on beer and popcorn."

“The Conservative approach is one-dimensional, lacks vision, and fails to address the tax system’s bias against single-earner families with one parent at home,” & "‘little more than a symbolic gesture’ toward stay-at-home parents. Let’s be honest, the Conservative approach is just your basic tax cut in disguise and is one that undermines families who use organized day care for their children.”

Well it certainly uh uh, the approach to child care is just spiteful its its its canceling the supplement for our most vulnerable uh children. There is actually no plan for early learning and childhood education. So its a good job there putting more money for prisons in the budget because we're gonna need them if we don't get this early childhood right.

"My understanding of what he's talking about is a program that will probably give you roughly $25 a week. What are low- and middle-income Canadians going to do for the rest of the week?"

Well right back at ya Liberals because

Now: The Liberal are claiming that the small cheque from Greenshift tax cuts will not only pay for and solve climate change, but cure poverty, provide social justice, and will somehow cover the increased costs on EVERYTHING from Dion's carbon tax.

It seems that the Liberal Party of Canada change their policies and ideas more often than they change their clothes; as is shown in this last example we have for you today.

On a carbon tax.

Then: Against (Dion isn't the only one either) "I've always been against it. I will have other ways to get there." and "A carbon tax is less effective than a carbon market at reducing emissions. Some of my opponents for the Liberal leadership have suggested that a carbon tax would be the most effective measure to curb climate pollution. This is simply bad policy...." More of the same here.

Now: For "More precisely, we will tax fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas, according to the amount of carbon dioxide they emit when they are burned. This carbon tax will be....."

It looks like our time is up for today, but we will be sure to return in the near future with another episode of That Was Then This is Now.

Good night everybody, and a big thank you to our sponsor, the Liberal Party of Canada. Who without their constant changing of positions this show would not be possible. (wave to audience)

(Cue theme music, fade out.)


hunter said...

Ha! Good one, too bad it's all true. Or maybe it's a good thing, it shows how unprincipled the Liberals really are, anything for a vote.

Platty said...

Good night everybody, and a big thank you to our sponsor, the Liberal Party of Canada....

As long as it is not a monetary sponsorship, 'cause they's broke!

Hey, you can pitch this as a replacement for Corner Gas!!


rations said...

In our next episode.... "the state has no place in the bedrooms of Canadians, the Liberal party believes that marriage is sacred as is, one man one woman, or in B.C. one man and women.

Ardvark said...

What this country needs is another Jim Perry. Just think, he could do Definition again, but this time Liberal style.

They just make it so easy.

Ed the Hun said...

I 'stole' the following entry from Garth's blog. I thought it was quite insightful:

"Gotta add this too Garth

Most of the East does not get it’s petroleum products from Canada. It buys them from Venezuela or the Middle East. So let’s think about this “Carbon Tax”

The carbon tax does not include gasoline at the pump. Therefore, Joe Ontario buys a tank of gas, from the Middle East & neither the producer or end user pay a “carbon tax”


The producer in Alberta has to pay this carbon tax.

So in theory, energy consumption in the East (largest population) will not change. The end user doesn’t pay, nor does the supplier (another nation).

Yet Western Canada pays. The East gets off carbon tax free (from a gas perspective) The west gets nailed to the wall. So Dion ends up supporting foreign oil, but punishing North American energy supplies.

I want you to remember this Turner. You’re aware of Peak Oil and you probably know that there comes a time in Peak Oil when producing countries “deplete” so much they can’t export. England is a great example. Next year it becomes an importer, rather than an exporter of crude. Eastern Canada is the reason Canada imports it’s oil. It gets no oil from Western Canada, it gets it all from Venezuela (peaked in the 70s) and from the Middle East.

What happens when those countries can’t export? Saudi exports are already in decline. It’s not how MUCH oil they pump, but how much they export. And that number is falling.

So there will be Ontario, desperate for energy and it will turn west to Alberta, a place with 2 trillion barrels of heavy crude. And it will say…”please help us, we need energy”. How do you expect the West will react after the NEP, after a Carbon Tax that destroys OUR business but lets Ontario gas consumers off scott-free ?

The rest of the world knows it’s in their best interest to snuggle up with the oil producers. It’s probably a wise idea that Eastern politicians do the same thing. People out here have long memories dude."

Someone named IRVINE made this entry and I think it is VERY insightful into how those in Alberta and Saskatchewan especially will be made to pay very high costs for national programs that won't benefit the same people who are paying for the programs.

Ed the Hun

Ardvark said...

Ed, Thanks for posting that. I rarely visit Garths place, only going when he displays to all what a true gift he is to the Liberal Party of Canada. Which lately it seems like every other day.

Yes the west gets screwed, but I think the situation is very different in the east of Canada than it was last time.