Thursday, July 24, 2008

900 Days

Congratulations to PM Harper and his Government for being in office 900 days.

For a list of what this government has accomplished please follow this LINK.


hunter said...

900 days, who would have thought! They are doing a great job, not that the average Canadian is listening yet, but come election time...YeeHaa!!

Ardvark said...

The record of this PM Harpers Government is really quite amazing in a minority situation with such a toxic opposition. That record in itself is enough to run on.

I wonder how many Liberals would be comfortable running on their record as the official opposition?

Johnathon said...

After reading that, I can't understand why Harper isn't paying to have that broadcasted and/or printed in the newspaper.

Harper should ask the Toronto Star to print it. It's vital for the Canadian public to know where their money is going.

The Toronto Star would love to print that.

Or would they.......?