Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 27,1953 The Korean War ends

55 years ago today the Korean War came to an end when an armistice was signed. 26,791 Canadians served in the war and 516 lost their lives in the conflict including 45 who died in peacekeeping duties after the war ended.

Some consider the Korean conflict to be Canada's forgotten war and an argument could easily be made to that affect, but what ever your thoughts on that topic please take a moment today to remember those that did serve and those that fell in the name of Canada.

They all deserve not to be forgotten even if 'their war' has.


Anonymous said...

It's Canada's forgotten war because most in the MSM believe it was an unjust war. In my opinion, quite the contrary.

Cranky or Just A Crank said...

As usual CBC is right on the ball.

Not only did the loop on Newsworld repeatedly refer to it as the "55th aniversary of the Korean War" not the "armistice", the "ceasefire" the "end" but merely the anniversary.

And then the only memorial ceremonies they were showing were from North Korea.

Forgotten doesn't begin to describe how the CBC was marking the anniversary on Sunday morning. I'll go with Anon. I really think that there is a segment that would disparage the Korean War as unjust, etc. even though the difference between the two sides and the societies that have arisen from the war could not be more distinct.