Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rae Days in Edmonton Canceled

Rae days in Edmonton canceled; local area LPC candidate Indira Saroya doesn't bother to tell anyone.

Background: Bob Rae was supposed to be in Edmonton today to take part in three events to benefit local area Liberals. The "Bearpit with Bob", and the evening "BBQ with Bob" were both postponed due to personal reasons and are tentatively being rescheduled for sometime in September according to information posted on the LPC Alberta wing web site. The third event, a meet and greet with Bob Rae and Indira Saroya, the LPC nominated candidate for Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont , was also canceled but it appears that Saroya did little, if anything, to inform the public about the change.

The story: Well I was at it again today, I guess that I did not get my fill this week of Liberal smoke and mirrors, and decided I would go and hear what Bob Rae had to say since he was going to be almost literally in my own backyard. I may truly be a gluten for punishment.

The event was scheduled to take place 1:30 - 3:00pm at a local community centre very close to my home and I arrived just before the scheduled 1:30 start time only to find a few people milling aimlessly around the parking lot with no Bob Rae in sight. The hall was locked, the lights were off, and there was no notice posted anywhere on the status of the event. As a few more people started showing up, word got around that the evening BBQ may have been canceled, but nobody had read or heard anything about the status of the event that we were all there to attend.
(note: as of this writing Saroya's web site has yet to be updated informing people of the change.) It was just after 2:00pm when a young lady arrived and asked if she was in the correct location for the Rae/Saroya event; when she found out that indeed this was at the correct location, out came the cellphone and she called the candidate herself at home to get an explanation.

Yes, that is correct. Saroya was at home doing who knows what rather than bothering to come to the hall to post up a notice, check if anyone had shown up, or even update her website telling the public about the changes. It is almost as if she is taking a page from Dion's arrogant point men for the tax formally known as green shift as her cue for how to do things. For the record Saroya did manage to show up just as I was leaving; which was well past the scheduled start time and it appears that it was only because that young lady had called her at home as she looked rushed and was not dressed as if she was planning on meeting with the public.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is your candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in Edmonton Millwoods Beaumont.

She is not going to get my vote, that is a given, but if the comment made by an older gentleman just before he drove off is any indication, she may not be getting his as well. His comment: "The least they could have done was stick a damn piece of paper on the door."


Anonymous said...

Bob is better at bingo calling at the Toronto Rosedale Mayfair where Liberals tend to support the state that supports them.

Stephen LeDrew flips the burgers and Liberals smile with fecal infested culinary glee.

Big Government Bob to the rescue. Leave him in the fescue.

hunter said...

You really are a glutton for punishment aren't you Ardvark?

Well, thanks for trying anyways. Maybe they have you pegged as a Conservative spy and that's why it was cancelled?

curls said...

Ole Bob nearly bankrupted Ontario his last time in government. This time he will banktrupt the country. I guess Canadians will never learn.

Ardvark said...

From the way that party runs its operations, I would have my doubts that they could ever figure out my (not) so secret identity. But just in case I had my fake mustache from my CPC junior spy kit on.

I was honestly looking forward to meeting Bob Rae and talking with him.

Damn, maybe there WAS something in that coffee I drank on Monday at the Polish Hall.

Anonymous said...

Bob Rae in Alberta,what for, and have you noticed the MSM have yet to be on Rae's case for what he had done to Ontario. He nearly bankrupted that province and it is the country he hopes to run. FORGET IT.

wilson said...

Why ANY federal Liberal would bother with the West is the question.
They have very limited funds and have to answer the hard questions, here.
But in Central and Eastern Canada, the LPC can just remind folks how the West and big oil will pay for social programs. The easy sell.

Sad , isn't it.
I know that even if the unlikely happened, and liberals won,
this time (NEP2), the Liberals would not be able to hurt the West without hurting Central and Eastern Canada too.
so if elected, dion's green shaft would just melt away.

Sad, because of the Liberal desperation for votes, they pit regions against each other.
Thankfully we have a PM that will do the right thing, do what it takes to keep Canada united.

maryT said...

I think this proves my point that the liberals will just nominate sacrificial lambs in Alberta, get their names on the ballot, will not campaign, and try to collect the 1.75/vote from gullible voters. Fool them, don't give them the taxpayers money.