Monday, July 28, 2008

Ralph Goodale and the mystical Liberal money fairy.

Fighting for his political life in his home province, Liberal MP Ralph Goodale takes his attempt at selling the carbon tax to the people of Saskatchewan and invokes the mysterious Liberal money fairy in the process.

What Mystical Liberal Money Fairy am I talking about you ask. Well the one that is going to have to come up with the real money for the Liberal promises and claims of increased spending on, R&D both in private industry and universities, alternative energy, new green based business', public transit, an Office of Petroleum Price Information, emissions reducing technology, special funds, and other assorted promises made by Dion and his band of inept Liberals.

Just how big are these Liberal promises? Lets see what Ralph Goodale had to say on that.

"And those investments are going to bring literally billions of dollars in new business activity to these two provinces. While we had the initial problem of the largest bulk of emissions, we have ultimately the biggest benefit of the largest amount of the new investment that is going to be made to deal with those emissions and the order of magnitude could be about the size of building the St. Lawrence Seaway and that will come into Alberta and Saskatchewan over the course of the next 10-15 years".

Now that sure sounds big to me, but there remains an issue that the Liberals have seemed to overlook, or are purposely omitting in their efforts to deceive Canadians.

Just where is all of this money going to come from?

It cannot be from the taxes collected via the green shift because that is promised to be revenue neutral and "that every dollar that is raised from carbon pollution will be returned to Canadians in tax" cuts." and the Liberals are planning to write that into law and have it monitored by the Auditor General.

So if not even $1.00 of taxes collected by the green shift will be going into either directly reducing CO2 emissions or into ANY of the programs/spending promised by the numerous Liberals out trying to sell this fraud of an environment program to Canadians; where will those big promises of investment money come from?

You guessed it; the mystical Liberal money fairy.

All of this talk about the money that will be flowing into the economy are nothing but empty promises and very wishful thinking on the part of Dion and the Liberals. There is no basis in reality for these claims and again the Liberal Party of Canada are showing us their arrogance and contempt by taking the voters and taxpayers of this country for idiots by trying to convince us otherwise. Nobody is buying it, the plan is a dud and the Liberals will be rewarded for their contempt at the ballot box.

That is unless they happen to have a Mystical Liberal Vote Fairy on standby as well.

A quick afterthought: If PM Harper made the very same dubious claims about alleged billions of dollars of investment money that would magically come rolling into Canada as a result of his governments environment plan (and he could because the claims are nothing but pie in the sky wishful thinking not based on reality); how long do you thing it would take for those claims to be chewed up and ripped apart on the front pages of every news paper in the country?

So why the silence from the MSM?


Powell lucas said...

The mystical Liberal money fairy is the GST. The money raised from the GST will not count as part of the 'every dollar received from taxing pollution'. If you start with the Liberals original 15 billion in pocket-picking and add all the steps to the final consumer, with value added at each step, the final price to the consumer will be at least 18 billion. At 5% that gives the government a nice income of 900 million in additional taxes. Voila! the magical, mystical Liberal money fairy.

Anonymous said...

That money fairy is us, the taxpayer.

No mystery, but the liberals are sure not being honest about it.

Ron said...

If the Liberals were planning to use the increased GST money for green programs they would be talking about the details at every opportunity, but they have yet to make such claims.

The money that the Liberals are talking about is private money and not government funds, and any claims as to the amounts can only be described as pure speculation on their part. From what I have noticed over the last month, few are believing any of it.

jad said...

"If the Liberals were planning to use the increased GST money for green programs they would be talking about the details at every opportunity"

Right. And just what do you think that would do for their chances in an election ? Are they going to run on a slogan like "Elect us and we'll raise every tax we can think of". The GST increase is what's known in political circles as "the hidden agenda".

x2para said...

remember, you have to assume that the lying liberals are actually going to keep the promises they make, otherwise you can't take ANYTHING they say seriously

Attila said...

Perhaps the Money Fairy just knows where the rest of the Sponsorship $$$$ went?

Anonymous said...

You are the people who still believe "the government funds porn" by giving a tax break to film productions. When you give a guaranteed tax credit for a film production it means that the government will take less tax than it would otherwise from the production. It would be a bad idea if the production was going to be made anyway. But it is much more typical that the production would not be made at all, and all the people being paid would not be paid, the money would not be spent on the production, and it would likely be spent somewhere else or sit in an investment outside the country.

So the "money fairy" is companies doing green projects they otherwise would not do, and the government giving them a tax break on it. The government collects more money than if the tax incentive did not exist, but not as much as if the project would have happened anyway.

Since the oil industry is already receiving billions in tax breaks, they would now have to earn those tax breaks with green projects. If they don't want to do the green projects, then they can pay the taxes they now do not pay due to the current tax breaks.

gimbol said...

They don't want to say where the money will come from....and therein is the flaw that they are hiding (and not too well).
They are fighting to maintain the plausable deniability of their plan.
Until they admit that there is going to be a HUGE tax increase for social spending, they can deny and deflect.
But like Paul Martin and his Adscam denials, they can only deny and deflect for a short term.
I'm betting that is an election doesn't happen in the fall, the Dion shift is going to implode.

Ardvark said...

The Liberal numbers are all guesswork and pure speculation, yet they continue to make these grandiose claims of multi billion dollar investments and 'green jobs'with a straight face.

Only the heaviest of Koolaid drinkers are buying any of it.

maryT said...

Just heard on the local news that next month our gas bills are going up by about four dollars a GJ. to twelve dollars. Reason, low rates from last spring. And we don't have dions shaft yet. Average bill will increase by about 40 dollars.