Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Does anyone else find it odd...

Does anyone else find it odd that not one single reporter has of yet managed to stick a microphone in the face of Danny Williams, Gary Doer, Shaun Graham, Robert Ghiz, David Miller or any mayor from one of Canada's major cities, to ask them their opinions of Dion's carbon tax or how much they figure it will cost those they represent?

Considering that those on this list seem more than happy to voice their thoughts on almost anything and everything, even when not asked, their silence on the carbon tax has me a bit confused.

Maybe all of the above listed have been too busy to bother with reporters, out of the spot light, or perhaps the media itself might have figured that the multi million dollar increases, as a result of Dion's tax scheme, to the cost of running their respective levels of government would not be of any interest to the public.

Whatever the reasons I just do not know, but today we have a golden opportunity to find out for ourselves what the media can't seem to do for us. Because today they all will be out and about doing what countless other Canadians will be doing; celebrating Canada Day.

So while you are out celebrating Canada Day today and you happen to see any of the above mentioned politicians out schmoozing the public, or perhaps even others like Buzz Hargrove or any other union boss, do yourself and your country a big favour and take the opportunity to ask them for their thoughts on Dion's carbon tax and the subsequent costs.

You will be glad you did.


Anonymous said...

The "big" reason they have not been quoted in the media, is because the media has not asked them.... They have found out - through the "grape vien - which they have a way of finding out and publishing front page if the news is negative towards Harper - and they don't like what they hear. If the news had of been great - they would of had their faces front page for days - quoting they love dion's plan - so we all know the answers.... How could they like this tax grab? - I have yet to find anyone in favour of it, other than if you dig out a liberal who tries his best to support it....It is a bunch of lies - and the Canadian public are too wise to accept something they know is nothing but a tax grab for the liberals to try and pay off their depts and again fill brown paper bags for the choosen friends...

Cool Blue said...

Add the Canadian Auto Workers union to that list too.

I can't wait to see Buzz Hargrove spin the Green Tax as good for the auto industry when lately we've seen thousands of layoffs due to high energy prices.

Brian said...

No MSM Liberal bias here .... "Move along nothing to see here".

Platty said...

I have emailed Danny Williams office asking what the Premier thought of the Carbon Tax, if he supports it or not.

The reply came back that he was out of the province, apparently in Danny land they do not communicate with the Premier if he is out of the province.

Then, I see in the news yesterday that Danny boy will be in town to meet with Dan Cleary and the Stanley Cup yesterday. So I send another email saying that it looks as though the Premier is back in town, could you please get a response to my question.

I'll let you know what they say....


Anonymous said...

Canada Day's Newfie joke:

To keep both Harper and now also Dion out of power, Danny Williams wants Canadians to vote for Gilles Duceppe in the next election.

Grind a Grit

Anonymous said...

Is the flag still standing? then,I must say, Danny is very much in favour of Dion's plan. Newfies will pay for Danny's silence.
A.A., Don't count on the MSM for anything; they are liberals' appointees " you scratch my back; I scratch yours" "you keep our activities a secret and we will reward you"

How many canadians feel they are been manipulated by the MSM.

Anonymous said...

PM Harper receives B’nai Brith human rights award

Here is what I mean the MSM ignores this story nor have they bothered to broadcast it on television.

maryT said...

I wonder what side deals Dion has made with all those you mentioned. Have they all been bribed with thoughts of brown envelopes in the future. They better come out soon, like last week, or that is what will be said about them.

Ardvark said...

I guess the media is too busy searching for the Harper hidden agenda to bother asking the obvious questions, like what will the carbon tax cost the City of Toronto etc etc.

Those city offices, libraries, pools & other recreation facilities,homeless shelters etc, do all have to be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.

The police still will need cars, grass needs to be cut in summer and snow plowed in the winter, and the garbage will still need to be trucked to the landfill. You get the idea here.

Oh and did I mention how many items the city owns that need to be plugged in to a wall socket to operate? Yikes!!

How much will Dion's tax add to the cost, and just who is going to have to pay those increased costs?

Yup, no need for the press to ask any of that stuff, no need at all.