Monday, June 30, 2008

What Global Pressures was Dion talking about?

After being bombarded with reality Stephane Dion is finally admitting that the price of gas at the pumps would go up with his proposed carbon tax. This after claiming for so long that this would not happen.

What I find interesting though is that with the admission that gas prices will rise, comes this little caveat saying why they will not go up much. (highlighted area below)

Source: "Dion held firm on his pledge not to hit consumers with a new gas tax, but conceded yesterday his the carbon tax might indirectly lead to higher prices at the pumps.

"We know that they will pass on part of their costs to their consumers because they cannot eliminate the emissions overnight, with all the goodwill of the world. We know that," he said.

Big polluting oil companies would pay a hefty price for emissions, but the Liberal carbon tax plan projects any costs passed on to consumers at the pump would be minimal as global pressures would keep prices from Canadian companies competitive."

Ok Liberal spin meisters, what exactly are those global pressures that Dion spoke about, and how will they keep that evil big oil from passing their increased costs for the production and sale gasoline onto us consumers?

Perhaps the global pressures that Dion was speaking about were comparisons of the price of gasoline in other countries. Maybe the fact that Venezuela, Iran, Kuwait, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and even Turkmenistan pay less than 25 cents a litre for gas at the pumps would put the pressure on big oil to stop them from passing on those costs in Canada. Or maybe it is the other end of the spectrum he was speaking about such as in most EU countries where the price of gas is well over $2.00/Litre that would keep our pump prices from going up.

Ether way, I do not really see how the price of gas in another country would cause much pressure on big oil to keep the price down in Canada, but I am not an academic like Dion. SO please dear Liberal friends, I would really like to understand what "pressures" Dion was talking about.

It should be an easy one to answer, so lets hear some examples to back up your fearless leaders BS words.

Thank you in advance.


Anonymous said...

It could be the pressures from the oil company stock holders that Dion was talking about.

I know most stock holders would be very pleased to have the corporations eat all of those added costs and not pass them on to the end users.

Profit is such an American ideology.

Ardvark said...

Um, I do not think you are a real Liberal supporter but thanks for trying.

BTW excellent point about a corporations legal responsibility to maximize profits for their shareholders.

Anonymous said...

Well concidering our trading partners won't pay the tax as they have an agreement already in place we'll get to pay the carbon tax for the exported gas as well.

jad said...

Dion clearly does not know of what he speaks here.

The oil companies produce oil and gas and it goes down the pipeline to the refineries, most of which are owned by the oil companies. So any cost at the wellhead will simply be passed right along the line.

There are some independent refineries also, but I imagine they will simply pay the extra cost for the oil, and pass it right along as well. There is no other place for refineries to get the product, since (in case M. Dion has not heard) there is a world-wide shortage of oil. Unless the refiners want to see their operations sitting idle for the good of the planet, they have no choice.

Global Pressures ? Well I could say something very rude about Al Gore and his personal habits, but probably better not.

Anonymous said...

Global pressures? Dion meant gastric's his faulty English you know.

I guess those gastic pressures happen when your full of (green) shift.

x2para said...

Dion and his "plan" are both silk stockings full of shit, the real problem is that he has managed to hoodwink enough people into supporting this disastrous scam

Ardvark said...

The plan is a dud, and when his political enemies within his own party decide the time is right, they will pull the plug on their dear leader.

Wait for it.