Monday, June 09, 2008

Global's Tera Nelson; Just Making Stuff Up.

Does Global National's weekend anchor Tera Nelson know something that the rest of us do not?

Or is she just making stuff up?

Decide for yourself.


From the Sunday June 8th edition of the Global National Evening News with anchor Tera Nelson.
(emphasis mine)

"An opposition plan to bring down gas prices and offset emissions is prompting political attacks tonight."


Interesting, as this is the first I have heard of this. Just what 'plan' is Tera referring to in her lead up to a story on the latest CPC ads? Is there something out there that I missed on this 'plan' to lower prices at the pumps? I have read a few stories in the MSM on this subject and I have even read some of the more partisan Liberal blogs; yet nowhere have I read that Dion's carbon tax would reduce the price of gas at the pumps. Not even Garth or Cherniak have claimed such a thing and they both have been leading the spin on Dion's carbon tax from the very beginning.

So please help me out here as I am at a loss for words. When a news anchor says something like this on a 'trusted' national news program, where they charge advertisers big bucks for commercial time, I have to wonder if I am blinded by partisanship or perhaps just misinformed on all of the details.

Because a news anchor wouldn't just make stuff up would they?

My apologies about the poor quality of the video

Update June 13th: Global has acknowledged receipt of my email. Auto responder.

Update July 4th: Nothing else back from Global and my questions remain unanswered, but Global is back in the spotlight again. h/t Hunter


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Liberal Party faxed her a copy of a press release and like a lazy reporter of the Jean Chretien era, printed it verbatim, and called it news.

hunter said...

HA! Not our news anchors, not here in Canada. Maybe she was just using the "free speech" law...oops that's an American concept....okay, she was making things up!

Ardvark said...

KC, that would be OK if there was a press release claiming that gas prices would decrease, but no such thing exists and NO Liberals have even tried to make this claim.

So where did this little tidbit come from? I await a response from Global to my email.

I just posted some video as an update. Thanks Hunter!!

Anonymous said...


I was just kidding about Liberal faxes....

Although how about this for her rationale .....increased taxes on gasoline means decreased use of vehicles, lowering consumption, lowering demand, lowering prices.

Someone would have had to sell this to her(her producer).