Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some thoughts for the first day of Summer

I saw one of these earlier tonight while out for my evening stroll. Is this the future of transportation in Canada post Green Shift?

Kind of cool looking and as a bonus it's Canadian made! Even those not so motorcycle inclined might just give this a look. Nice work Bombardier, but perhaps you might want to consider applying the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle to your website. I couldn't get the site to load properly and annoying potential customers is never a great idea if you are trying to sell me something. No link for you!

Lots of spin from the Libs on the Green shift but the facts are what they are and it is a dud. I will post more on why I think this at a later date but the carbon tax and Dion are toast.

Fearless prediction: By the end of July, Dion will be fighting off his own party over the blow back his MP's are going to receive from the public over the Green Shift. With the open revolt Dion will be unelectable and effectively done as the leader.

I still think that they will give him his one election, but the party brass are going to be calling the shots and Dion will be just a lame figurehead.

By the way, great job Bob! Writing a policy that was sure to fail with the voters but yet was so appealing to the ego of the leader that he would run with it was pure genius. You will be getting another shot at the title when the dust settles.



Concerned in Etobicoke said...

Who is this Bob fellow of which you write about?

Ardvark said...

LOL @ concerned.