Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dion now wants to kill that very same milk cow.

My MP, Mike Lake, reminds Stephane Dion about some of the things Dion has said in the past about carbon taxes and cows.

And here are a few more things Dion said previously about a carbon tax.


Babylonian said...

"Honey, what's that man with the green scarf doing to our milk cow?"


hunter said...

Excellent job on the video!!! If Mike Lake is your MP, you live in the riding right next to me.

The poor milk cows, they have no idea who's trying to pull at their udders. I think Dion will get vinegar from our Alberta milk cows.

Fay said...

Great job!! I love these videos of Question Period. It will be interesting to watch the MSM run circles to sell Dion's carbon tax. Maybe the National Press Gallery will get a tax refund for helping him out?

Ardvark said...

Mike has done a great job as our MP, and as an added bonus, he has been able to get in quite a few good jabs on Dion and the Liberals in the HOC.

The carbon tax is a non starter in Alberta, but I really don't think the Liberals care about us out here. It is much easier, and more productive, to vilify Alberta to gain votes in the GTA.

Right out of the Liberal play book.