Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One thing that all economists can agree on

I keep reading Liberal spin about how some economists are praising Dion's carbon tax proposal, but the numbers are very few and it should be obvious that not all economists out there agree with their colleagues on this question. After all the PM is an economist and he certainly does not think that the plan is a good one, so it goes without saying that there are divisions of opinion among economists about Dion's carbon scheme.

However, I do believe that I have found something that 100% of economists will agree on with regards to Dion's carbon scheme and here it is: Dion's carbon tax will increase the rate of inflation in Canada.

They may differ on just how much it will rise( I bet once the numbers get crunched it may well be double digit inflation), and they differ on just how much this will effect Canada's already fragile economy, but without a doubt they ALL will agree that prices will rise and so will the rate of inflation.

Find one who doesn't, and you have found yourself an incompetent economist or a liar.


Anonymous said...

You might have to close off your comments section as the stampede of Liberals coming over here to defend the greenshaft will be more then you can handle.

Wait a minute, this blog entry is how many days old now?

Ardvark said...

If it wasn't for yourself and the tumbleweeds, this comment thread would be completely empty.

It is funny how the party that claims to want so much honest debate on this are the same ones that avoid anything at all that they can't easily lie or spin their way out of.