Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sir Dion the Courageous

Or at least that is how he is going to be presented, and later spun, today as he presents his 'brave and courageous' plan to shift into gear and save the earth.

Watch for it soon in the MSM near you.

You cannot claim he is not a leader anymore people, because only a real leader would be brave enough to destroy our country's economy, increase inflation, and divide the country all for his own party's political gain.

That takes guts. Well guts, and a bunch of back room Liberals encouraging you to walk the plank so they can get their own guy in the OLO.

Follow up June22: Aside from the Lib bloggers doing their best to try to spin the carbon tax and Dion in a positive light (with those that do not agree tossed out of the club) there has not been as much fake praise for Dion in the MSM as I expected; Gary Nichols has an example here.

Want some spin, read this. Wow.


Ontario Girl said...

We are already hearing it. Robert Fife (CTV)and Tondra McCharles (RED STAR) on MD said .."This carbon tax shows Dion to be a real "LEADER", after all he is known as Mr. Environment.(greenhouse gases up 33% wasn't it?)

Then we are hearing...the CPC have no environment policy.

The media and CBC are all poised to applaud the LIBERALS.

Anonymous said...

It takes courage to put a plan out for public debate knowing the attack dogs of the Conservative party will engage in ad hominem attacks. What has Harper ever done except run negative ads about his opposnent.

Stephen Harper is nio leader. He has no plan. All he has is character assasin John Baird.

Anonymous said...

MSM are idiots. They dumb down news and are all turning more and more tabloid on reporting stuff that doesnt matter to try and maintain otherwise dwendling sales (Especially the printed media) AND now at the same time promotes Dion's economic slowdown tax increase. Don't the MSM know this will also hurt them? How much more will the paper output cost the Toronto (red) Star with higher electricity bills and how costlier will it be to keep Susan Delacourt's Liberal commie fat ass warm in the winter or cooled in the summer?
They will also have to pass down their operating cost to the consumer.

Maybe Dion will tax exempt selected media: TO Star, G&M and the Lib friendly list goes on. CBC of course does'nt matter as they already are tax funded.

Posted by: Grind a Grit

Ontario Girl said...

After Fife heard the announcement, his comments today were :

Sounded more like a "BUDGET" then a "GREEN" plan.

This is going to be a tough "SELL".
Seems very COMPLEX-lots of NUMBERS!

What was "MISSING" is what extent will the green house gas emmissions be "REDUCED?"

Dion said a change to the tax system will have to be done , which will be done in the 4th year.

Child tax credit of $350(by the 4th year)...will help children in poverty.
Help for low income families(with children)
Disability tax credit fully refunded.
Seniors: G I S increase of $600 a year.
Reduce corporate and small business taxes in year 4.
To offset these costs...$150 for rural tax filers.
Will incourage Canadians to reduce their own carbon footprint to be introduced in the next election.

Something special is happening when support comes from DAVID SUZUKI...LIBERALS will lead the CHARGE.

Lots of questions not answered..none as a matter of fact.

Stevekog said...

Librano$ are BAAaack!